Retailers — and Their Customers — Go Mobile

Smartphones are at the center of the online and offline shopping experience. Customers don’t just use their smartphones to make purchases. In stores, customers use devices to check reviews, compare prices, and ultimately decide on the purchase. With smartphones at the core of retail, mobile advertising has never been more important.

The Retailer’s Guide to In-App Advertising 2019 offers key insights and tips to help in-app advertising campaigns make an impact. Retailers already make up almost half of all in-app ad spending, so optimizing campaign spending in this competitive environment is essential.

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See How Retail Has Become a Mobile Experience
Shoppers spend trillions of dollars on purchases made on their mobile phones. Get the latest stats and projections on why mobile matters to retailers.
Learn What Data to Leverage
In-app advertising offers a variety of rich targeting options in order to personalize campaigns. Learn about targeting by location, language, and more.
Choose the Best Ad Formats
Retailers looking to engage an audience need to deploy the right ad formats. The most common and effective ad formats are explained.
E-commerce vs. Brick and Mortar Ad Spending
E-commerce and brick and mortar retailers use different strategies in advertising. With data from the Smaato platform, we explore these differences.
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