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We make monetization simple, so you can focus on your user acquisition and revenue goals. Find the integration that works best for you.

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At Smaato, we offer all-in-one mediation and bidding solutions to make it simple for publishers to maximize fill and revenue. We are fully omnichannel and we support all ad formats, so you can have complete control over your inventory monetization strategy. Whether you want to set custom tiers and priorities for your waterfall or leverage header-bidding capabilities, Smaato makes it easy to do it all in one place.

Client-Side SDK Mediation

Publishers who use Smaato as a primary platform enjoy complete control over the mediation process. Leverage Smaato’s built-in demand, and mediate other ad platforms within SPX to connect to even more demand. You also get complete control over prioritization and setting parameters for the ad exchange.

Existing client-side mediation adapters on the Smaato platform include: Facebook Audience Network, and AdMob/GAM. We can support custom SDK networks, too.

Learn more about client-side SDK mediation.

Server-Side Mediation

Our platform is free to use, and lets you monetize without a subscription. But if you’re not ready to make the switch, you can still take advantage of Smaato’s mediation benefits using server-side meditation.

Want to compete against Smaato’s demand? You can mediate other ad platforms within SPX utilizing a server-to-server (S2S) connection.

Existing server-side mediation partner connections include Inmobi and MobFox. We can support custom networks for both display and video, too.

Learn more about server-side mediation.

Smaato NextGen SDK

A modular, future-proof SDK for a fast integration. Plus, our NextGen SDK is fully SKAdNetwork enabled to ensure iOS 14 compliance. Easily integrate your apps with our completely redesigned SDK.

NextGen SDK for iOS

Version 22.8.4
  • Supports iOS 8 and up
  • IAB CCPA Compliance Framework Support
  • Open Measurement SDK
  • MRAID 3.0
  • VAST 4.1
  • SKAdNetwork-enabled to ensure compatibility with iOS 14
Download NextGen SDK for iOS
Documentation | Changelog

NextGen SDK for Android

Version 22.6.3
  • Supports Android 4.1 and up
  • IAB CCPA Compliance Framework Support
  • Open Measurement SDK
  • MRAID 3.0
  • VAST 4.1
Download NextGen SDK for Android
Documentation | Changelog

Why Integrate the Smaato NextGen SDK?

By integrating the Smaato NextGen SDK, you can unlock your full earning potential.

What Ad Formats Do You Support?

The Smaato NextGen SDK for iOS and Android currently supports banners, interstitials, rich media, interstitial video, rewarded video, native, vertical video, and playable rewarded ads.

Need Help Integrating via SDK? Check out our full integration documentation SDK Integration Docs


Prebid is an open source, feature rich header bidding solution for the open web. Our prebid adapter allows Publishers to connect to even more Marketers to maximize revenue and increase fill rates.

Integration is fast and requires no contractual or legal effort.

Simply enable a third party bidder through our UI and we will collect bids from our connected partners and the prebid server bidders in real-time. We’ll send the winning bid to our SDK, and send the winning bid to the primary ad server. Contact us to integrate our prebid adapter.


Our robust API integration connects you to global Marketers. Get the controls to create the most relevant experiences for your audiences. Our intelligent reporting API provides near real-time analytics so you can adjust your programmatic monetization strategy on the fly. Consult with our monetization experts to get customized reporting and recommendations to meet your revenue goals.

Ad Tag

Prefer an Ad Tag integration? Refer to our developer documentation to integrate by Ad Tag.

How to integrate by Ad Tag