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Marketplace Overview

Access local supply and global demand on our independent, privacy and data-compliant omnichannel platforms.

Access local supply and global demand on our independent privacy and data compliant omnichannel platforms.

United States and EMEA

Manage all of your inventory on one complete platform. Our video, display and mobile solutions simplify monetization across any device.

Enable us in your PreBid stack

  • Integrate via Smaato’s SKAdNetwork-enabled SDK to tap into the full potential of our omnichannel platform
  • Integrate by API to take control of your monetization strategy


Increase user acquisition by connecting with advertisers around the globe. Access quality traffic on our fraud-resistant, safe and secure platform.

  • Connect with Smaato using our robust APIs to gain access to all available ad formats
  • Native SKAdNetwork-enabled SDKs available for iOS and Android