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Revolutionizing In-App Header Bidding

Unified Bidding is Smaato’s in-app header-bidding solution. Real-time pricing competition helps drive better fill rates and higher eCPMs.

Why Integrate Smaato Unified Bidding?

This holistic model uses real-time pricing competition to give publishers more control over their inventory, while driving better fill and higher eCPMs. Tap into more revenue and increased competition for your inventory.

Increase Your Revenue

Insights from our intelligent platform reveal that Smaato’s in-app header bidding solution delivers up to 230% higher revenue compared to other integrations. Unified Bidding brings greater competition to every auction, driving stronger eCPMs and helping to maximize fill rates.

Integrate With the Smaato NextGen SDK

Take advantage of this in-app header bidding solution by integrating your app with Smaato’s latest SDK.