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OTT/CTV Advertising eBook

All eyes are on OTT. Learn how to optimize your OTT and CTV strategy and deliver relevant, engaging experiences to viewers worldwide.

OTT/CTV Advertising eBook

OTT is a hot topic – and for good reason.

See how it is disrupting a $70 Billion industry:

  • Curious about OTT vs. CTV? Learn the differences.
  • Get an overview of the opportunity for OTT and CTV.
  • See the advantages of Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) and how to ensure it is fraud-free.
  • Understand more about ad podding, ad pod construction, ad pod exposure, programmatic auction types, and ad serving.
  • Find out more about contextual targeting and how you can reach audiences while respecting user privacy.
  • Discover the Smaato Advantage with insights into our video monetization platform.
  • Plus, see how to get started with OTT inventory!
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