Manage and Optimize Campaigns for Any Device with the Smaato Marketer Solution

Reach quality audiences worldwide and deliver hyper-relevant experiences with contextual targeting optimization.

SDX: Smaato Marketer Solution

Create optimal audience experiences across every device. Optimize your campaigns with intelligent insights. Own your targeting and manage traffic using our planning controls.



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Complete Platform

SDX Marketer Solution

Get the controls to create memorable experiences for your audiences. Receive top-value impressions by specifying the exact traffic you want down to targeted line items, and make informed, data-driven decisions with advanced reporting functionality.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

For marketers who want to move away from big tech walled gardens, our platform offers a greater level of trust and transparency. Our platform gives publishers the ability to control first party data within our platform, which means they do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating targeting opportunities. What’s in it for you? Better reach, stronger ROI, and less of a lift.

Consent Management Platform (CMP)

We handle consent management so publishers don’t have to. Our CMP uses native integration to make user consent more likely, to ensure your campaigns can reach engaged audiences.

Smaato Intelligence (SI)

SDX is equipped with Smaato’s powerful data visualization solution. Our insights and analytics give marketers the control to optimize traffic for maximum ad spend. Leverage detailed campaign performance analytics for absolute transparency. By efficiently reaching the right audiences based on interests and activity, you’ll save time, money, and effort – all while respecting user choice.

Pre-Packaged (Open) Deals

Smaato offers curated, brand-safe inventory packages to make precision targeting easy. Open deals bundle inventory by type (like sports or weather) or by KPI (like viewability or video completion rate). Marketers can bid on package deals to increase their reach by vertical, and can even add additional targeting criteria to any Pre-Packaged Deal.

To get started:

  • Log in to SDX
  • Click on the “Marketplace” tab
  • Select the Pre-Packaged Deal of your choice
  • Click “Create Open Deal”
  • Add additional targeting under “Traffic Targeting”
  • Copy the “Deal ID” and save the line item

Successful Partners

Adelphic, one of the world’s largest mobile and cross-channel programmatic advertising platforms, saw significantly improved ad engagement and increased conversion rates with SDX.

After leveraging the QPS targeting tools, Adelphic saw significantly more relevant mobile traffic, resulting in a 20% increase in their month-over-month mobile ad spending.

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