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Deliver the best user experience on your app or website with our innovative native ads.

Native ads present many benefits for publishers and marketers alike. Whether you’re a publisher focused on providing the best user experience or a marketer looking to improve campaign performance through innovative placements, Smaato’s solution has got you covered. Deliver the best user experience on your app or website with our innovative native ad formats.

What is Native Advertising?

Native ads fit seamlessly into the look/feel of non-advertising content units, which improves engagement and overall user experience. These ads complement the form, design, and function of their environment. As a result, they deliver a less intrusive UX. In recent years, native has become one of the top-performing digital advertising formats, with a growing percentage of marketers using native ads as a key part of their campaigns. For marketers, native advertising offers a versatile selection of styles to boost campaigns’ message and elevate their brand while adding value to users and enhancing their online experience.

Native Ad Formats

There are a variety of forms that native ads can take. Let’s examine the layouts that publishers and marketers can utilize with Smaato’s native advertising solution.

Content Wall

Content wall native ads are perfect for image-focused content on blogs, news apps or sites, and search engines. With an image-centric layout, this option blends in seamlessly without disrupting the user experience.

App Wall

App wall native ads let marketers insert sponsored content into a publisher’s list-offer view. This layout can be used for offer walls, directories for apps, and other listings.

News Feed

News feed native ad layouts resemble an in-feed news story blurb or post. They are perfect for news sites, content feeds, and social media apps.


Carousel native ad layouts are often found on news and social media sites and apps. They are ideal for showing multiple images and have the added benefit of being interactive. Users swipe sideways to view the ad’s images, making for a highly engaging ad format.

Content Stream

This format is similar to the news feed native layout. The key difference is the emphasis on imagery. This makes it more suitable for visually-driven content platforms and social media sites.

You can tailor the elements of a native creative to a layout that suits your property’s specific needs by selecting a Custom option.

Benefits of Native Advertising For Publishers

User Friendly

Native ads’ biggest draw is their superior user experience since they blend into the app interface — looking much less like traditional ads, and much more like regular and relevant content. This helps limit app uninstalls and site bounce rates.

Higher eCPMs

Since native ads blend into the content flow, users tend to be more receptive to them. This yields improved engagement rates and user retention. Native advertising can give publishers between 18% and 200% higher CPMs than, say, a standard banner ad.

Benefits of Native Advertising For Marketers

Combat Banner Blindness

Native ads can help overcome ”banner blindness.” As native ads have the same look and feel as the publisher’s organic content (product listings, articles, social posts), users are more likely to spend time viewing and (ultimately engaging with) the ad.

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