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Maximize ad revenue and offer an engaging user experience for your users with Smaato’s OTT/CTV video ad formats. Learn about OTT and CTV ads.

Whether you’re a publisher looking to maximize your ad revenue, or a marketer looking to launch engaging video ad campaigns at scale, Smaato’s platform offers innovative video advertising solutions.

OTT (Over the Top)/CTV (Connected TV)

Reach a highly engaged audience through OTT/CTV advertising.

What is OTT (Over the Top) Advertising?

OTT is defined as video streaming via the internet on any kind of device, including smartphones, tablets, CTVs, and many others. OTT advertising is advertising delivered “over the top,” or, via internet video streaming. As “cord cutters” and “cord nevers” shift away from traditional TV subscriptions, OTT/CTV advertising offers a huge opportunity to reach engaged video-streaming audiences.

Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI)

This is the process of stitching ads into video streaming content on the server before the user begins watching. Ad content can more closely align with video content, keeping users engaged. This provides a great opportunity for asset-level targeting. Ad quality also matches content quality. Without the buffering, users get a smoother viewing experience.

At Smaato, our DAI is all completed in-house, and with far less latency. By cutting out the middleman, we eliminate the high risk of DAI fraud.

To learn more about SSAI/DAI, check out our blog.

Ad Pods and Slots

VAST video ads are served as a group of sequential ads played back-to-back (just like a commercial break on TV), rather than as an individual ad. Each ad in a pod is referred to as an “ad slot.” Like DAI, this provides contextual data that can help ensure more relevant ads. You also get the opportunity to double or triple the value of your commercial breaks with now double or triple the number of ads.

Ad Pod Construction: Manual and Dynamic

For Video on Demand (VOD) content, Ad Pods can be constructed manually or dynamically. For Manual Construction, publishers can choose not only the duration of the ad break, but also set time requirements for each ad slot. Publishers can also define exactly when and where ad breaks occur.

Dynamic Construction offers ease and automation. Simply select the length of the ad break and we will fill it accordingly.
For Live Content, we fill and serve perfect-sized dynamic pods into SCTE-35 markers.

Ad Pod Exposure

Publishers can choose how the ad pod is presented for bidding. Publishers can offer marketers a chance to bid per pod, or by slot. With per pod, marketers see the whole ad pod, and the slots within it. They have an opportunity to bid on more than one slot in an ad pod, increasing competition to help boost eCPMs. With per slot, marketers see each slot individually, as separate requests, without knowing the order. They can bid on any or all of them.

At Smaato, we offer creative deduplication, so no two identical ads appear in the same pod. Also, we include competitor separation, so ads with the same IAB category won’t appear in the same pod.

Ad Pod Auction Types

Our publishers are not limited to an open auction nor manual direct deals. Whether through private exchange RTB, or programmatic direct deals like preferred or guaranteed, publishers pick how to fill their inventory. All of the functionality we offer for ad pod bidding is available for header bidding, as well.

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