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Maintaining Compliance with iOS 14 eBook

Learn how to maintain compliance with iOS 14. Apple's new IDFA privacy policies are having a major impact on the industry. Luckily, SKAdNetwork offers a compliant, user-friendly alternative.

Maintaining Compliance with iOS 14 eBook

Historically, publishers have leveraged user identifiers like the IDFA to drive higher eCPMs through well-targeted ads. With Apple’s enforcement of iOS14, we wanted to share a quick refresher on IDFA, SKAdNetwork, and what it all means for you. Plus, how Smaato can help you protect user privacy.

In this eBook, we’ll cover:

  • Apple’s privacy policies, and how they impact publishers and marketers.
  • Ways to maintain compliance with iOS 14 and protect user privacy.
  • An overview of SKAdNetwork – and how it hints at the future of advertising.
  • How Smaato can help you stay future-proof using NextGen SDK.
  • For both publishers and marketers, the technical how-to for implementing and enabling SKAdNetwork.

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