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Extend Your Reach

Reach the right people in the right places on the right device. Learn how you can extend your reach using the Smaato digital ad tech platform.

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OpenRTB 2.5 Private Exchange Programmatic Direct

Open RTB 2.5

Get end to end transparency with our Open RTB 2.5 integration. Access premium publisher inventory through the Smaato Exchange. Learn more about our open auction integration.

At Smaato, we share IDs with our partners to help improve transparency in the RTB process.

Private Exchange – RTB

Also Known As: Private Marketplace (PMP), PMP Programmatic, Private Auction, Invitation-Only Auction.

A private exchange is another form of real-time bidding, but instead of being open to all marketers and all publishers, a single publisher invites a handful of marketers to participate.

To access the auction, these hand-selected marketers will need a time-sensitive deal ID. Publishers set a floor price, and the bidding starts there. As in the open auction, the highest bid wins. Inventory is not guaranteed.

Programmatic Direct

Preferred Deals

Also Known As: Unreserved Fixed Rate, Programmatic Non-Guaranteed.

A Preferred Deal is a private, 1:1 relationship between a publisher and a marketer. In a Preferred Deal, publishers offer premium inventory to the marketer at a pre-negotiated fixed eCPM price.

While eCPMs tend to be a bit higher, marketers are paying to get what’s essentially “first dibs” on premium ad space. When an ad request comes through, a marketer with a preferred deal has an opportunity to bid at the pre-negotiated fixed eCPM price in real time, before the inventory heads to open auction. Inventory is not guaranteed.

Programmatic Guaranteed

Also Known As: Guaranteed Buy, Programmatic Direct, Automated Guaranteed.

With a guaranteed buy, a publisher offers specific, reserved inventory to a marketer at a fixed price.

Publishers and marketers negotiate a price for a guaranteed volume of impressions, or flight date. This is similar to a direct sale/buy, but programmatic automation replaces the manual IO process, improving efficiency and reducing error.


The SDX API allows marketers to access and modify their exchange connection and configuration directly through an API. The API specification contains all the information available about endpoints and parameters, and lets you test calls on the fly to format them. Learn more from our API documentation.