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Fully optimize your monetization strategy, tailor your audience’s experiences, and increase revenue.

SPX: Smaato Publisher Platform

Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform puts you in control. Our ad server and monetization solution gives you the tools needed to deliver quality ad content to engaged audiences around the world.

10 Reasons to Integrate With Smaato

Our intuitive solution puts full monetization control in the hands of publishers.

Customizable Interface

Select the Integration Option That Works for You

  • SDK (Software development kit)
  • API (Application programming interface)
  • Ad Tag (Ad placement tag)
  • Prebid (Header bidding)

Free, Powerful Ad Server

We succeed when you succeed. We offer a powerful, free-to-use server – giving you more control and better reach. Publishers who switch to Smaato’s ad server see a ~30% uptick in revenue. Our ad server provides transparency, flexibility, and control:

  • Upload and manage creatives
  • Set ad placement fill priorities for specific buyer(s), floor prices, and networks
  • Gain deep insights and data analysis
  • Manage marketplace quality
  • Get personalized service and support
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Omnichannel Approach

15 years ago, we revolutionized the mobile ad-tech space. Since then, we’ve expanded to offer a truly omnichannel monetization solution. Whether you want to monetize your mobile app or take advantage of OTT/CTV advertising, we have the tools you need to thrive.

Our Marketplace

We connect our publishers with quality marketers and advertisers worldwide. We offer a clean, protected marketplace to give you confidence and ensure a brand-safe user experience. With a dedicated team of experts and AI solutions, we stop fraud in its tracks, and give you greater insights and transparency so you can make better decisions more quickly.

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Smaato’s RTB Ad Exchange and Programmatic Support

You get to choose how you monetize your inventory. Auction inventory in real time through open auction RTB, or invite select marketers to participate in a private exchange. Set up programmatic direct deals, including programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals. Our tools make it easy to connect with premium marketers around the world. The platform gives you:

  • Global access to high-quality ad inventory
  • Increased competition for higher eCPMs and better fill rates
  • Greater transparency
  • Higher ad quality and relevance
  • The best ad price in 200 milliseconds
  • Plus, intelligent insights to help you optimize your strategy

What Do Publishers Have To Say About Smaato’s Platform?

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