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Display ads are one of the simplest and effective ways of reaching global audiences. Learn about Smaato's online display options.

What is Display Advertising?

Display or banner ads are the standard form of advertising found on desktop and mobile sites and in-app. With their ease of implementation, these banner ads are an essential part of today’s marketing mix. Display ads give marketers a reliable ad format for their advertising strategies, and offer an easy-to-implement placement for publishers.

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Best Practices for Banner Advertising

For a successful monetization strategy, you will likely use a mix of ad sizes to place in different sections of your app or website. Let’s examine the different ad formats available through Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform to help you decide what’s best for your monetization strategy or ad campaign.

Standard Ad Unit Examples

Standard ad units are interactive and/or non-interactive ads displayed on a mobile web and desktop, or within a mobile app, including but not limited to:

  • Banner Phone (320×50)
  • Companion Banner (728×90)
  • Medium Rectangle (300×250)
  • Fullscreen Interstitial Portrait (320×480)
  • Fullscreen Interstitial Landscape (480×320)
  • Tablet Fullscreen Interstitial Portrait (768×1024)
  • Tablet Fullscreen Interstitial Portrait (1024×768)

320×50 Standard Banner

This slim banner is most commonly seen on mobile, both in-app, and mobile web.These banners are usually displayed at the top or bottom of the screen, where the ad won’t disturb the main content of the page. Though small, they are mighty: The standard banner is considered the most cost-effective and easy-to-launch mobile ad format, making it universally supported by publishers.

300×250 Medium Rectangle Banner

The medium rectangle banner lives everywhere. It is one of the most common desktop display sizes, and is often implemented in line with app content for mobile apps and sites. This size allows for a bit more space for marketer creative than the slimmer 320×50.

320×480 Full-screen Interstitial

For mobile, interstitial ad sizes take up the full-screen of the app while also offering the users the option to exit and skip the ad. These ads offer high impressions and good CTR. Since they take up the whole screen, interstitial ads are best implemented where your user experiences a content break while browsing your app. For example, gaming publishers usually utilize the end of a level to show an interstitial ad.

Splash Ads

Splash ads are a type of full screen interstitial that are shown immediately upon app launch or on the screen immediately after the launch (splash) screen of a given mobile app. They make a key first impression on users when they open a mobile app. Splash ads are display or video, appear for 5 seconds, are closable after 3 seconds, and are in high demand in China. Our deeplinking functionality fosters a worthwhile user experience, taking users directly to an app in an app store, or to specific content within an app.

A Note on Privacy

With Apple’s iOS 14, app-install attribution campaign measurement got a little more complicated. The changes to IDFA mean that users are, by default, opted out of in-app tracking. We support these efforts to respect user privacy, and we are fully SKAdNetwork enabled, to ensure our marketers gain valuable install data in a compliant, user-friendly way. To learn more about iOS 14 and SKAdNetwork solutions, check out our blog post.

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