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The In-App Advertising Playbook

Today’s digital world isn’t just mobile-first — it’s app-first. Discover key insights to make in-app advertising work for you.

The In-App Advertising Playbook

An Advertiser’s Guide to In-App’s Advanced Advertising Capabilities

Welcome to the app age — apps now dominate the mobile landscape, capturing 89% of consumers’ smartphone time and 25% of their total media usage. But the in-app environment isn’t just the place to find consumers; it also offers sophisticated data tracking, targeting and geo-location superior to other digital advertising formats. To guide advertisers through the development of the in-app advertising landscape, its unique advantages and how to achieve in-app advertising success, the In-App Advertising Playbook is divided into three sections:

  • Welcome to the App Age: Today’s digital world isn’t just mobile-first — it’s app-first. Discover how quickly consumers’ app usage is increasing and what this means for the advertising industry.
  • The Advanced Advertising Capabilities of In-App: The apps that consumers choose to use are closely connected to their personal lives and daily habits, making the in-app environment the ideal place for advertisers to create effective advertising touchpoints. Learn how to leverage in-app’s advanced technical capabilities to reach specific audiences most effectively.
  • Best Practices for In-App Advertisers: From engaging consumers with interactive video to targeting users via programmatic deals, we have compiled a list of best practices for advertisers to optimize their in-app strategies and maximize mobile results.

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