Mobile Advertising Whitepapers

Smaato’s whitepapers provide mobile publishers, app developers, technology partners, agencies, and advertisers with key insights on mobile monetization strategies, plus trends and tips from Smaato thought leaders. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of different app monetization strategies on a programmatic mobile advertising platform, and find out how you can streamline your decision-making in selecting the best ways to monetize your mobile app or website.

Understanding In-App Advertising Fraud: A Guide to Combating Fraud in the Programmatic Ecosystem

In-app advertising is incredibly effective, but its success has attracted fraudsters looking to game in the system. Fraud in the mobile advertising ecosystem is something that everyone is aware of, but few want to talk about. But it is only through frank and transparent discussions about fraud that the industry can move forward in successfully combating the problem. This whitepaper is a guide to combating fraud in the programmatic ecosystem.

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The Holiday Guide to Mobile Advertising 2018

The holiday shopping season is the most wonderful time of the year for the mobile advertising industry. With both app usage and ad spending reaching their yearly peak, the holidays are full of in-app opportunities for advertisers to engage audiences and publishers to maximize revenues. This festive guide explores these opportunities, showing why mobile is the place to be for both publishers and buyers throughout this high-spend period.

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Inside China: Key Insights for Unlocking This Mobile-First Market

Whether you’re a mobile advertiser or app publisher, there’s no country that offers the growth potential of China. The enormous user base of mobile users, combined with the rising growth of the audience, makes China a huge opportunity. However, with those favorable trends come a number of challenges. By looking at the biggest mobile trends in the country, this guide gives you the insights needed to make a successful strategy for reaching the Chinese market.

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The Mobile Games Playbook

This guide is for advertisers looking to level up their in-app campaigns. Consumers now spend 25% of their smartphone time playing mobile games, yet these apps account for just 7% of total mobile ad spending. This gap between consumer engagement and ad spending represents a huge opportunity for brands to get noticed in mobile games, and advertisers can no longer underestimate the power and importance of this engrossing medium.

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The In-App Advertising Playbook

Welcome to the app age — apps now dominate the mobile landscape, capturing 89% of consumers’ smartphone time and 25% of their total media usage. But the in-app environment isn’t just the place to find consumers; it also offers sophisticated data tracking, targeting, and geo-location superior to other digital advertising formats. To guide advertisers through the development of the in-app advertising landscape, its unique advantages, and how to achieve in-app advertising success, check out the In-App Advertising Playbook.

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