Mobile Advertising White Papers

Smaato’s white papers provide mobile publishers, app developers, technology partners, agencies and advertisers with key insights on mobile monetization strategies, plus trends and tips from Smaato thought leaders. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of different app monetization strategies on a programmatic mobile advertising platform, and find out how you can streamline your decision-making in selecting the best ways to monetize your mobile app or website.

The Mobile Games Playbook

This guide is for advertisers looking to level up their in-app campaigns. Consumers now spend 25% of their smartphone time playing mobile games, yet these apps account for just 7% of total mobile ad spending. This gap between consumer engagement and ad spending represents a huge opportunity for brands to get noticed in mobile games, and advertisers can no longer underestimate the power and importance of this engrossing medium.

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The In-App Advertising Playbook

Welcome to the app age — apps now dominate the mobile landscape, capturing 89% of consumers’ smartphone time and 25% of their total media usage. But the in-app environment isn’t just the place to find consumers; it also offers sophisticated data tracking, targeting and geo-location superior to other digital advertising formats. To guide advertisers through the development of the in-app advertising landscape, its unique advantages and how to achieve in-app advertising success, check out the In-App Advertising Playbook.

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Best Practices for Mobile Publishers and App Developers: A 5-Step Process for Monetization Success

This whitepaper explores the 5 best ways in which app developers and publishers can choose how to monetize content within their apps and mobile websites. Smaato has been helping global mobile publishers monetize their content since 2005 and we observed the best ways in which mobile publishers can make money from their content.

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The Unique Value of an Integrated Mobile Advertising Platform

Smaato´s Dynamic Demand, is a way of allowing every type of demand to compete for every single impression request. In the early days of ad exchanges, almost every company split their RTB (real-time bidding) and mediation layers. If the auction didn’t clear at a certain price, it was pushed down to the ad networks. Yet this model was inefficient when dealing with ad networks that were not guaranteed to fill yet might have ephemeral demand that matched a specific ad request. Read more about Dynamic Demand, Smaato’s way of allowing every type of demand to compete for every single impression request.

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Transforming Premium Media Buying Through Real-Time Trading

It is Smaato’s mission to help mobile developers and publishers monetize their properties in the most effective way possible. A mature global RTB market like Smaato’s SPX is a critical first step. Adding Programmatic Direct controls allows publishers to directly interact with larger budgets and brands while still maintaining the control they need over their mobile advertising inventory. In this whitepaper, we’ll delve a bit deeper into the different buying models, how they work, and the motivations behind them.

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Successful Global Monetization Strategies for Mobile Apps and Websites

This whitepaper is the first in a series of papers giving mobile publishers and app developers insights into mobile monetization strategies. We help publishers create a successful monetization strategy for their apps or mobile websites on a mobile RTB-enabled ad exchange.

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