14 Reasons to Love Smaato’s OTT/CTV Advertising Platform This Valentine’s Day


14 Reasons to Love Smaato’s OTT/CTV Advertising Platform This Valentine’s Day

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

What are OTT/CTV Line Items?

Meet Smaato’s OTT/CTV Advertising Platform

Welcome to our Blog Series! We’re excited to share regular updates with you about a particular facet of our holistic OTT/CTV advertising platform. This week, we’re giving you 14 reasons to adore our OTT/CTV platform as much as we do.

14 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Holistic OTT/CTV Advertising Platform:

  1. Get fraud-free ad insertion. Server-Side Ad Insertion/Dynamic Ad Insertion is completed in house to eliminate fraud.
  2. …for free. Our in-house SSAI/DAI is included in our platform so you don’t have to pay for it. Plus, eliminate third-party vendor costs.
  3. Reduce costs with per-pod bidding. Publishers can send a single request with all available slots to limit queries per second. Marketers can bid on any or all of them, and enjoy the savings through better efficiency.
  4. Double or triple the value of your commercial breaks. Monetize your ad breaks with multiple ad slots to deliver a commercial break experience and increase monetization opportunities.
  5. Set unique targeting parameters. Get total control over your inventory by specifying real-time bidding line item parameters, auction rules, restrictions, deals, targeting, capping, demand source competition, and demand source prioritization.
  6. Automate your ad pod construction. Simply select the length of the ad break and we will fill it accordingly.
  7. Or, do it your way. Manual ad pod construction lets you choose duration and time slots for every ad in every pod.
  8. Pick how you present your ad pod for bidding. What does this mean? Publishers get to choose whether to offer marketers a chance to bid per pod or per slot.
  9. Take out the guesswork. Enjoy powerful Manual and Pre-Created Reports to get the insights you need to make data-driven decisions.
  10. Pick your auction type. From open exchange auctions, to more targeted private exchange or preferred deals, choose a real-time bidding solution that works for you.
  11. Get ahead with header bidding. Get the benefits of a unified header bidding auction for OTT/CTV inventory.
  12. Monetize your audio inventory. We’re bringing you all the features of our OTT/CTV platform for internet-streaming audio, too.
  13. Enjoy contextual targeting opportunities. Reach audiences based on what they watch, not who they are.

Well there you have it! What’s not to love? To learn more about our OTT/CTV Advertising Platform, check out our complimentary eBook, or watch our demo video here.

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