What are Splash Ads?

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What Are Splash Ads?

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Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman
Head of Marketing

Today we’re diving into the details on an ad format that is making a huge splash in China. Learn about Splash Ads and why they’re captivating audiences worldwide.

What Are Splash Ads?

Splash ads are full-screen interstitial ads that appear on mobile apps at launch, before the app content loads.

How Do They Work?

When a user opens an app, they land on what’s called a Splash Screen while app content loads in the background. This screen is the very first thing a user sees when they open a mobile app.

Splash ads fill the splash screen while a user waits to engage with the app. They typically run for about five seconds, with an option to close out after three seconds.

Splash Ads Example
Splash ads also have certain requirements. For example, because they are full-screen interstitial ads, their dimensions must be full-screen. Common splash ad sizes include 320×480, 640×960, and 1182×1620.

What are the benefits of splash ads for marketers?

When a user opens up a mobile app, the splash ad is the first thing they see. As a result, these ads reach a highly engaged audience, and make a big first impression.

Splash ads also appear for 5 seconds or less, so they are unobtrusive and well-tolerated by users who might otherwise have “banner burnout.”

Because they are reaching an alert and captive audience, splash ads tend to have high engagement.

What are the benefits of splash ads for publishers?

For publishers, splash ads can help drive eCPMs without disrupting user experience. They offer a great way to monetize your mobile app without compromising UX.

At Smaato, we offer granular reporting for splash ads, so marketers and publishers alike can track performance.

Learn More

Smaato offers both iOS and Android support for splash ads, as well as full flexibility and customization options. To learn more, download our free brochure, Making a Splash with Splash Ads.

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