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OTT/CTV Advertising Platform Demo

We’re giving you a first-hand look at the Smaato OTT/CTV Platform, and how to get started. Look behind the scenes with this OTT/CTV Demo.

OTT/CTV Advertising Platform Demo

What’s Covered in this Demo Video?

In the demo video, we walk through:

Inventory Management and Reporting

Learn how to set up inventory properties across all types of environments, including mobile apps, websites, mobile desktop, CTV apps, Smart TV apps, or vMVPD.

Line Items and Unified Auction Strategy

We cover off on auction rules, restrictions, deals, targeting, capping, demand source competition, and demand source prioritization.

Creative Management

We explain how to manage creative for both direct campaigns with advertisers, and house promotion campaigns. We also cover how to upload these creatives and run them in your ad pods.

Demand Source Management

Learn about VAST tag, mediation, and bidding, plus Smaato’s own header bidding solution, Unified Bidding (which is powered by Prebid Server, and hosted by Smaato).

Manual and Pre-Created Reports

See the detailed insights available, including reports on inventory, buyer, advertiser and partner-level insights. Plus, business intelligence and recommendations.

Integration Options

We’ll break down the different ways to integrate with the Smaato Platform, so you can find the simplest solution.

Platform Value-Adds

Learn what makes the Smaato Platform unique. We’ll dive into some pretty cool features.

We’re excited to give you the inside scoop on our platform. This demonstration, run by our esteemed product manager, James Morris, walks through all relevant OTT/CTV terminology, and exactly how to make monetization simple. From learning all about ad pods and ad slots, to programmatic deal types, to setting up targeting parameters, your OTT/CTV questions will be answered.

In less than half an hour, you’ll get the insights you need to optimize your OTT/CTV monetization strategy with Smaato.

Watch Video

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Video Chapters

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:13 Overview of Covered Topics
  • 02:20 Inventory Management and Reporting
  • 04:10 Setting Up Live vs. VOD Inventory
  • 04:49 Using Smaato’s In-House Server Side Ad Insertion Solution
  • 05:48 House Ads and Ad Slates
  • 06:49 Sending Content Information in the Ad Request
  • 07:40 Creating Ad Pods
  • 10:54 Assigning Pods to Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Roll Ad Breaks
  • 14:06 Line Items and Unified Auction Strategy
  • 14:37 Demand Types
  • 15:45 Mediation
  • 17:06 eCPM vs. Targeted eCPM
  • 18:07 RTB Rules
  • 19:01 Targeting
  • 21:31 Creative Management
  • 22:53 Adding Demand Sources
  • 24:38 Adding Unified Bidding Line Items
  • 26:17 Insights and Business Intelligence
  • 27:12 Integration Options
  • 27:56 Smaato’s Unique Platform Value-Adds
  • 28:30 Conclusion

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