Smaato’s Q3 Research Highlights Impressive New Growth for In-App Advertising

Posted on November 20th, 2019

Weather Patterns and Sporting Events Delivered Major Spikes in the US, While MENA Growth Surged

San Francisco – November 20, 2019Smaato, the global in-app advertising platform, today announced new research from its Q3 2019 Global In-App Advertising Trends report. With app downloads and app usage at a record high, Smaato experienced a 34% increase in ad requests globally year-over-year. Ad spending reached its highest point of the year in September and eCPMs showed impressive growth year-over-year in several emerging markets. Different sports and weather events in the US and Europe, as well as the build-up to the holiday season, also contributed to higher in-app advertising spend in Q3.

“Consumers worldwide have a growing appetite for new apps and, as a result, we’re seeing demand for in-app advertising continue to surge,” said Arndt Groth, CEO at Smaato. “In the third quarter, unique patterns in app usage became clear with major spikes during NFL and Premier League games, as well as when extreme weather patterns hit both the US and Europe. Predicting these patterns can help brands create a media strategy that optimally balances reach and price across certain apps.”

Smaato highlighted several important trends that are driving in-app advertising spend, including:

  1. The Middle East and North Africa surged in ad volume and pricing. The MENA region saw double-digit growth across many countries. Egypt’s ad request volume grew 130% while Morocco and Qatar saw an 80% increase in eCPMs.
  2. Major weather events delivered huge spikes in ad spending. Labor Day in the US coincided with a hurricane for much of the East Coast, creating a 113% increase in ad spending on weather apps compared to July 4th.
  3. National sports created weekend surges. With the start of the NFL season in the US, sports app ad spending and ad requests increased by almost 260% over their quarterly averages during game days.

The in-app growth patterns illustrated in Smaato’s new report show that brands must consider the opportunities available during key events and in emerging regions. Mobile is in such high demand, particularly on top tier apps, that brands need to move quickly to make the most of the ever-changing platform.

Additionally, the new report details shifting trends in mobile gaming, which represents a large percentage of online mobile activity. Brands continue to invest in the growing category, with retail brands leading the way, accounting for 49% of total spending in gaming in Q3. Smaato also found that brands can target different types of games in order to reach different demographics.

  • Men make up 91% of hardcore gamers and 86% of midcore gamers.
  • Women account for 63% of hyper-casual gamers and 58% of casual gamers.
  • Baby Boomers account for 35% of casual gamers, while Millennials account for 33% of midcore gamers.

Download the full Q3 2019 Global In-App Advertising Trends report here.