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All About RampIDs

Learn about an addressability solution that can help ensure privacy-law compliance while delivering powerful results.

Smaato + LiveRamp Integration: All About RampIDs

Users don’t want cookie tracking, and they also want advertising experiences to be relevant to them. How does this work? There needs to be a solution for a cookieless world that helps messaging reach relevant audiences while putting users in full control of their privacy options.

Luckily, the RampID offers an elegant solution.

The RampID is a cookieless person-based identifier that helps marketers deliver powerful, cross-device advertising experiences, while ensuring user anonymity.

Connectivity across devices cuts back on redundant messaging and helps improve campaign performance. This greater transparency also helps marketers make more informed bids, which helps publisher revenue.

In short, marketers and DSPs are able to reach their audiences to deliver impactful advertising that is relevant to their interests. Publishers get to deliver a more meaningful user experience, while enjoying higher eCPMs and better fill rates. Most importantly, user privacy is protected through pseudonymization, ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

To learn how it works, download our complimentary overviews.

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