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Meet Verve Behavioral Audience Segments

Learn how Audience Targeting on deals can help you reach the right users and viewers.

Meet Verve Behavioral Audience Segments

Enhanced Audience Targeting Capabilities

Pre-Packaged and Open Deals give Marketers (including DSPs, Ad Networks, Brands, Agencies, and Agency Trading Desks) a chance to extend their reach.

Now, we’ve made it easy to layer in Audience Targeting. We have a number of audience data sources, and wanted to give you a chance to get to know the new and improved Verve Behavioral Audience Segments.

These audiences are based on signals sent from a person’s device, which include app events, ad requests, and ad events. These signals contain information about the person’s location, the app or ad they are interacting with, and how they engaged with the ad (click, muting/unmuting videos, dismiss, etc). These signals are also time stamped, so we have information about the times in which the user is active. Finally, these signals also carry information about the device from which they were sent.

Enhanced Audience Attribution
Verve Behavioral audience segments are best utilized for Mobile In-App and CTV campaigns that run in the United States.

Verve Behavioral Audience Segments fit into the following five categories:

Home Association
Time-Based Only
Device Attribute

How are Verve Behavioral Audiences Built?


These audiences are developed by getting age/gender affinity information about apps, and then classifying users based on how many of these apps they are engaging with. These apps with reliable age/gender information are called seeds. These segments, which have reliable age data are called “Seeded.” We then use logistic regression models (by using the seeds as labels for prediction) to expand the group of seeds. These segments, which have greater scale but are prediction-based, are labeled “Seeded and Extended.”

Home Association

Home Association describes a group of audiences which are based on where the device-user lives. For users who always share their location, home address is determined based on patterns of location and time (for example, if their device is in the same location between 8pm-8am every weekday, this is likely to be their home).


These audiences are designed to classify users based on what sort of places (points of interest, or POIs) they visit. For example, someone who goes to a Starbucks will be classified as a coffee drinker, while someone who goes to the gym will be considered a gym enthusiast. By looking at the location-based context of a users’ behavior, we can more accurately categorize their activities.

Time-Based Only

These audiences are based on the patterns of traffic/behavior from their device at different times of the day. We currently use this to create two categories: early risers, and night owls.

Device Attribute

Using device information shared in the bid request, we can categorize two major groups: Smartphone Intenders and Phone Carrier. Smartphone Intenders is based on the year of the phone model, and targets people with a phone older than a certain year who might be interested in upgrading to a newer one. Phone Carrier is an audience created with carrier information from the bid request.

Get Started

It’s simple to get started. In a few quick steps, you can be well on your way to adding in audience targeting to your open deals.

  1. Log in to SDX.
  2. Click the green New SMX Line Item button, or click to edit an existing deal.
  3. Choose Open Deal in the “Type” section. Add the deal basics.
  4. Select and target the inventory of your choice under Traffic Targeting.
  5. Select audience segments under Audience Targeting.
  6. Copy the Deal ID, and save the line item.
Get Started

Of course, we’re here to help!

For more information on audience targeting and setting up deals, please contact your account manager.

Complete List of Verve Behavioral Audiences

Age /Gender

  • Male (existing, 70%+ accuracy, DAR-tested)
  • Female (existing, 70%+ accuracy, DAR-tested)
  • Female – Increased Accuracy (80%+ accuracy)
  • Female – Increased Scale (60%+ accuracy)
  • Male – Increased Accuracy (80%+ accuracy)
  • Male – Increased Scale (60%+ accuracy)
  • Seeded – 13-17
  • Seeded – 18-24
  • Seeded – 25-34
  • Seeded – 35-44
  • Seeded – 45-54
  • Seeded – 55-64
  • Seeded – 65+
  • Seeded and Extended – 18-24
  • Seeded and Extended – 25-34
  • Seeded and Extended – 35-54
  • Seeded and Extended – 55-64
  • Seeded and Extended – 65+

Home Association

  • Parents with Children in HH
  • Income: < 35K
  • Income: 35-100K
  • Income: > 100K
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Ethnicity: European
  • Ethnicity: African
  • New Movers
  • 9-5 workers
  • ISP: Comcast Cable Communications
  • ISP: Time Warner Cable Internet
  • ISP: ATT Internet Services
  • ISP: Charter Communications
  • ISP: Cox Communications

Device Attribute

  • Smartphone Intenders
  • Mobile Carrier AT&T
  • Mobile Carrier Verizon
  • Mobile Carrier T-Mobile
  • Mobile Carrier Sprint Time Based
  • Early Risers
  • Late Night Owls

Visits / POI

  • Off Price Shoppers
  • Mainstream Shoppers
  • Beauty Shoppers
  • Big Box Shoppers
  • Department Store Shoppers
  • Home Goods Shoppers
  • Electronic Goods Shoppers
  • Hotel Stayers
  • New Car Intenders
  • Car Care Enthusiasts
  • Gym Enthusiasts
  • Movie Goers
  • Apparel – Luxury Shoppers
  • Rental Car Users
  • Diners – QSR
  • Diners – CDR
  • Diners – Niche/ Specialty
  • Diners – Upscale Restaurant
  • Hardware/ Home Improvers
  • Sports Fans
  • Apparel – Mixed Shoppers
  • Apparel – Mens Shoppers
  • Apparel – Womens Shoppers
  • Discount Retail Shoppers
  • Theme Park Lovers
  • Diners – Cafe/ Bakery
  • Shoe Shoppers
  • Apparel – Children’s Shoppers
  • Books Music DVD Shoppers
  • Outdoor Leisure Enthusiasts
  • Grocery – Discount Shoppers
  • Grocery – Mid-Tier Shoppers
  • Grocery – Premium Shoppers
  • Pharmacy Shoppers
  • Music Enthusiasts
  • College Students
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Budget Shoppers
  • Premium Shoppers
  • Pet Lovers
  • Personal Investors
  • Convenience Store Shoppers
  • Luxury Lifestyle
  • Coffee Drinkers
  • Special Occasion Celebrators
  • Black Friday Shoppers
  • Cruise Line Travelers
  • Business Travelers
  • Leisure Travelers

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