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Meet the Latest Smaato NextGen SDK

Are you familiar with Smaato’s SDK? We’re solving the challenges that publishers face to give you maximum control over your in-app inventory.

Meet the Latest Smaato NextGen SDK

What is NextGen SDK?

Built for iOS and Android, NextGen SDK gives publishers total flexibility and complete control over the user experience.

We’ve made it simple to get started, and easy to integrate. Plus, you can leverage the power of the Smaato SDK without replacing your existing stack, as we’ve built bridges with other key SDKs such as Applovin, Ironsource, and Google.

Modular SDK

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Feature Summary

Easy Integrations

We support AppLovin, Ironsource, Google and more, making it easy to add us to your existing stack. You can also use our API to access basic Rich Media features.

MRAID Compliance and VAST Support

Smaato’s SDK is MRAID 3 compliant, and we support VAST.

Open Measurement Viewability

Smaato has IAB-certification for Open Measurement Viewability.

Robust Ad Format Support

From banners, to video, to native, to rich media and interstitial ads, we support a wide array of popular ad formats.

SKAdNetwork Enabled

Our NextGen SDK is fully SKAdNetwork-enabled (including SKAdNetwork 4) to deliver iOS 14 compliance and app-install attribution.

Modular & Flexible Approach

Pick and choose among what you need.

Problems Solved

At Smaato, we put our publishers first. We understand the challenges in the industry, and have developed our SDK to help solve them.

User Privacy Protection

With ever-shifting privacy laws, our solution makes it simple to maintain compliance with regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, and more, plus GPP framework support. Ensure compliance without compromising your eCPMs.

ID-less Solutions

With thematic and performance-based pre-packaged deals, LiveRamp integrations, and ID-less solutions, we help you protect user privacy while helping demand partners reach relevant audiences for a better UX.

Fraud Resistance

Our teams work round the clock to stop fraud in its tracks. Using a mix of human intelligence and key tools, like HUMAN, we help you protect your brand.

Deal Optimization

Each of your impressions is sold through the best sales channel in order to maximize your overall revenue.

Unparalleled Control

Our solution is flexible and customizable. After all, you know your users best. We give you complete control over the user experience, to help you drive user retention, higher engagement, and of course, eCPMs.

Boosted Interstitial Experience

We give you enhanced controls on high-performing ad formats like interstitial and video ads, including End Card support, SKOverlay features, and more, plus a consistent experience on iOS and Android.

Unique Demand

Smaato is part of Verve Group. In addition to Smaato’s connected demand, you’ll get access to a wider range of agencies, brands, DSPs, and advertisers.

Supported Ad Formats

The Smaato NextGen SDK for iOS and Android currently supports banners, interstitial rich media, interstitial video, rewarded video, native, vertical video, and playable rewarded ads. The flexible integration format lets you hand-pick the formats you need, saving weight and load times.

Supported Ad Formats

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Each has its own merits. Display ads are easy to implement, while rich media and interstitial ads can make a big splash. Native provides a seamless, unobtrusive user experience, and rewarded video yields strong engagement.

Get Started

We are a trusted partner for publishers and marketers worldwide. Why? We give you the tools to make monetization simple, while protecting user privacy. To help you unlock your revenue potential, we offer unparalleled service and personalized support. So what are you waiting for?

Download NextGen SDK for iOS Download NexGen SDK for Android

Visit our developer docs to learn more and to download NextGen SDK.


Get in touch with your client partner manager to learn more!

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