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Pre-Packaged and Open Deals

Pre-Packaged and Open Deals give Marketers a chance to extend their reach. See how hand-curated bundles can help you reach your KPIs.

Pre-Packaged and Open Deals

Pre-Packaged and Open Deals give Marketers (including DSPs, Ad Networks, Brands, Agencies, and Agency Trading Desks) a chance to extend their reach.

What is a Pre-Packaged Deal?

What is a Pre-Packaged Deal?

Pre-Packaged Deals are collections of brand-safe inventory curated by Smaato professionals that make precision targeting simple. Pre-packaged deals bundle inventory by type (like sports or weather) or by KPI (like viewability or video completion rate). Marketers can bid on package deals to increase their reach by vertical, and can even add additional targeting criteria to any Pre-Package Deal.

At Smaato, we offer a wide selection of deals. For example, you can find deals like:

OM SDK Pre-Packaged Deal OM SDK Global apps supporting Open Measurement.
CTV Pre-Packaged Deal CTV Top Global CTV Apps.
80% Completion Video Pre-Packaged Deal 80% Completion Video inventory with 80%+ completion rates.
OTT Pre-Packaged Deal OTT Top Global OTT Inventory.
Weather Apps Pre-Packaged Deal Weather Apps Popular inventory, rain or shine.
Sports Apps Pre-Packaged Deal Sports Apps Popular local and global sports apps.

And, of course, keep an eye out for seasonally changing Holiday and Tentpole Deals, for events from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, to Ramadan, to Summer Vacation and Travel, to Back-to-School, to major events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Partners can also completely customize their own deals. More on that below.

Holiday Pre-Packaked Deals

What is an Open Deal?

While we offer Pre-Packaged Deals to make inventory selection simple, marketers can also choose to completely customize their own deals on our platform.

Open Deals are customizable inventory packages partners can use to target specific apps and ad spaces within the countries of their choice. Like Pre-Packaged Deals, Open Deals run on the open market and are set up directly through the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX). These deals require unique Deal IDs.

SDX Marketplace Pre-Packed Deals

Both Open and Pre-Packaged Deals offer several key advantages.

Simple and Accurate Targeting

Simple and Accurate Targeting

Increased Campaign Reach

Increased Campaign Reach

Traffic Cost Reduction

Traffic Cost Reduction

Easy, Straightforward Activation

Easy, Straightforward Activation

Get Started

It’s simple to get started. In a few quick steps, you can be well on your way to activating Pre-Packaged Deals or setting up your own custom Open Deal.

Setting up an Open Deal

  1. Log in to SDX
  2. Click the green New SMX Line Item button
  3. Choose Open Deal in the “Type” section
  4. Select and target the inventory of your choice under Traffic Targeting
  5. Copy the Deal ID, and save the line item

That’s it!

Activating a Pre-Packaged Deal

There are two ways to get started with pre-packaged deals, choose what you prefer!

  1. Log in to SDX
  2. Click on the Marketplace tab
  3. Select the Pre-Packaged deal of your choice
  4. Click Create Open Deal
  5. Add any desired additional targeting under Traffic Targeting
  6. Copy the Deal ID, and save the line item

Or, contact your client partner manager. They can help you set up the pre-packaged deal of your choice, and can offer helpful recommendations for other deals to explore.

Simply get in touch to get started.


Do Open Deals have specific pricing attached to them?

Open Deals do not have specific pricing associated. You are free to bid based on the inventory you value. If you are looking for specific pricing, please reach out to your Client Partner Manager. They can work with you to create a Private Exchange or Preferred Deal.

What type of KPIs are available for marketers?

Smaato offers click-through rates, viewability rates, and video completion rates. Please contact your Client Partner Manager for more details.

What are the commonly used Pre-Packaged Deals?

Seasonality and campaign targeting can always affect which deals are most frequently used during a given month. CTV, OTT, 80% Completion Rate Video, Moat Viewability, and IAS Viewability Pre-Packaged Deals are consistently popular, however.

Are the deals always the same?

Our pre-packed deals are constantly updated to ensure you have access to the newest and most relevant inventory. Keep an eye out for tentpole events, holiday, and seasonal deals, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, we’re here to help!

For more information on Open and Pre-Packaged Deals, contact your client partner manager.

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