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Marketers: Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform Helps Extend Your Reach

Reach quality audiences worldwide and deliver hyper-relevant experiences with contextual targeting optimization.

Marketers: Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform Helps Extend Your Reach

Smaato’s Digital Ad Tech Platform makes it easy to bid on high quality traffic. Our cloud-based ad server and digital ad tech platform help you reach engaged audiences around the world – and on any device.

1.8 Trillion

Monthly Ad Requests

1.3 Billion

Monthly Unique Users

150 Billion

Monthly Video Ad Requests

470 Million

Monthly Unique Viewers


Complete Platform

What We Offer

What We Offer

We are a trusted partner for publishers and marketers worldwide. Why? We help deliver seamless and custom-tailored experiences for audiences. Our approach is device and format agnostic, so your campaigns can reach audiences exactly how you like. Plus, our platform is constantly evolving to anticipate your needs.

Why Smaato?

Privacy-Compliant Targeting

We are fully supportive of tools that protect end-user privacy. All our tools are built to ensure compliance with ever-evolving privacy laws.

We also want to get the right ads in front of the right people at the right time. That’s why we offer sophisticated contextual targeting, so you can reach audiences based on what they like, not who they are. Plus, we handle consent management through our Consent Management Platform (CMP), to ensure your campaigns can reach engaged audiences.

For in-app advertising, our NextGen SDK is fully SKadNetwork-enabled to ensure accurate install attrittribution while protecting user privacy.

Privacy-Compliant Targeting
Omnichannel Opportunities

Omnichannel Opportunities

From static online display, to mobile web, to splash ads and interstitials, to innovative formats like rich media units, and OTT/CTV, we make it easy for you to reach worldwide audiences across any ad format — and on any device.

A Clean, Protected Marketplace

We are a global leader in fighting fraud, so we can provide safe, high-quality traffic. Our multi-level check, which includes a customer identification program and stringent traffic reviews, provide marketers with only the best traffic.

We have a dedicated team of experts and sophisticated tools working around the clock to eliminate potential threats, and ensure ad viewability.

A Clean, Protected Marketplace
Ways to Extend Your Reach

Ways to Extend Your Reach

Whether you want a programmatic direct deal (like programmatic guaranteed or preferred deals), the more traditional RTB open exchange, or the ever-popular private exchange, there are endless opportunities to bid your way. Plus, we offer curated, brand-safe pre-packaged deals right inside our Marketer Solution (SDX). So simple!

Detailed Campaign Performance Analytics

Our insights and analytics give marketers the control to optimize traffic for maximum ad spend.

Leverage detailed campaign performance analytics for absolute transparency.

Detailed Campaign Performance Analytics
The Smaato team consistently proves that they are dedicated to helping us reach our goals. Smaato impressed us with one of the fastest ramp-up periods of any of our new supply partners. We are particularly impressed with the professionalism of the account management team who are always quick to respond and proactively identify new opportunities for our business.

See for Yourself

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