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2022 Global Digital Advertising Trends Report

Check out our 2022 Global Digital Advertising Trends Report, which combines industry research with our own propriety data.

Digital Advertising Trends Report 2022

Welcome to Smaato’s 2022 Global Digital Advertising Trends Report!

Executive Summary

Welcome to our 2022 Global Digital Advertising Trends Report! We are excited to share key insights into the digital advertising landscape, across a variety of channels and devices.

Combining industry research with Smaato’s own proprietary data and insights, we’ve seen clear themes emerge out of 2021.

Continued digital dependence as the world adjusts to COVID-19 year three. From accelerated ecommerce/mcommerce trends to more time spent on mobile devices, to hybrid and fully-remote working, digital reliance is expected to continue into 2022 (and beyond). Plus, previously crippled industries like travel, entertainment, and events are beginning to rebound, sparking opportunities for advertising growth and opening up new monetization channels.
Publishers seek greater control; marketers demand high-value ad formats. Big walled gardens are out, high-touch, high-control is in. As industry consolidation pushes publishers to refocus their monetization strategy, there’s a growing demand for improved bidding, mediation, and programmatic controls. Meanwhile, marketers are willing to shell out more for high-impact placements (like video, splash, and deep-linking-enabled ads), and interactive formats (like rewarded, playable, and shoppable ads).
OTT/CTV is here to stay. Surprising no one, OTT (over the top) and CTV (connected TV) continue to corner the market, replacing traditional linear TV with internet streaming for both live and on-demand content. Ad-supported content offers viewers a chance to watch their favorite shows without the hefty subscriptions, and audiences around the world are cutting the cord on traditional cable television.
First-party data reigns, and context is key. The spotlight continues to shine on the privacy topic. Users are slowly regaining control over their personal data and how it is shared, local laws reflect the desire to protect user privacy, and major players are updating their privacy policies. Reaching relevant users is a hot topic, and publisherowned first-party data and contextual placements can help drive value for users while ensuring compliance with ever-changing policies.

Read on to see the latest industry insights and get the scoop on performance on Smaato’s omnichannel advertising platform.

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