What's the Deal with Pre-Packaged Deals?

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What’s the Deal with Pre-Packaged Deals?

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Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman
Head of Marketing

Learn all about pre-packaged deals and how they can help marketers reach the right audience.

Pre-packaged deals offer unparalleled convenience. Our brilliant team hand-selects the choicest inventory to help marketers reach their goals. Each pre-packaged deal is a curated collection of inventory based around a certain theme to help advertisers effectively reach their target audience. Let’s learn more!

Smaato Pre-Packaged Deals
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What are some examples of pre-packaged deals on the Smaato platform?

Pre-packaged deals come in all shapes and sizes. On the Smaato platform, we offer deals by theme, KPI, and format.

For example, you can activate a CTV pre-packaged deal to get access to top CTV apps around the world. Or, you can tap into a Summer Travel Deal, a Weather Deal, or other seasonal deal to take advantage of the buzz around a particular theme. We also offer holiday-related deals, which can be especially useful for shopping holidays like 618, Double Eleven, and Black Friday. Of course, KPI is another popular deal type. Gain access to inventory bundled by key indicators like video completion rate.

We add new deals all the time, including deals around tentpole events, audience segments, and key performance indicators. And, our inventory experts are constantly refreshing the evergreen deals to ensure you get relevant, up-to-date inventory.

What are some of the key advantages of pre-packaged deals?

Marketers love pre-packaged deals, because they offer the ability to “heavy up” on a particular type of inventory, whether it is category-specific (weather, sports, fitness, entertainment/lifestyle), or towards a particular KPI (90% Video Completion Rate, 70+% Viewability Rate). This helps make it easier for marketers to hit campaign goals.

Pre-packaged deals make it easy to access all kinds of inventory and offer a privacy-compliant way to reach audiences around the world. Because many of these deals are contextual, marketers can get in front of audiences based on what users and viewers like, rather than who they are. As a result, marketers can drive performance without compromising user experience or privacy.

Finally, pre-packaged Deals allow buyers to pair the ease of monetizing via Open Exchange, with more granular targeting capabilities through a Deal ID.

How can marketers, advertisers, and DSPs activate these deals?

It’s easy to get started. At Smaato, we want to keep it simple, so you can focus on what you do best. To activate a prepackaged deal, you can get in touch with your client partner manager, and they’ll do all the work for you. Let us set up prepackaged deals on your behalf, so you can focus on your advertising strategy.

SDX Marketplace Pre-Packed Deals
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Of course, you can also activate your own pre-packaged deals under the marketplace tab in SDX. Did you know? You can also customize existing pre-packaged deals by adding your own targeting criteria. Simply click on Targeting Settings button when creating the Line Item.

To learn more about pre-packaged deals, download this complimentary one sheeter.

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