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Back to the Basics: What is OTT?

2 Minute Read | May 26th, 2021

Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

Meet Our OTT Platform

Welcome to our Blog Series! We’re excited to share more information with you about a particular facet of our holistic, omnichannel OTT platform. To kick us off our series, we’ll go back to the basics.

What is OTT?

OTT stands for “over the top.” Unlike its predecessors that relied on radio waves, cables, and/or satellite dishes, OTT is TV or radio content that viewers can stream over the internet. It streams “over the top,” not over the air.

From smartphones and tablets to cars to computers to Smart TVs, OTT simply refers to any streaming content via the internet.

TV has been around for more than a century. While OTT is new on the scene, it’s more than just a trend. In fact, it’s expected to become a $194.20 billion market by 2025.1

What’s the difference between OTT and CTV?

CTV is a part of OTT, but the two are not the same. While OTT includes content streaming over the internet on any device, CTV stands for “connected TV.” It refers to any TV that can connect to the internet, whether a Smart TV with a built in connection, a streaming stick, or a gaming console.

OTT’s Impact – and Opportunity

By 2025, OTT TV and Video Subscriptions will reach 2 billion globally, driven from traditional TV subscriptions. That’s nearly ¼ of the world’s population. Cord cutters and cord nevers are leading the shift from traditional subscription models (and their hefty monthly fees) to the more flexible streaming solution.

With all eyes on OTT, marketers have a huge opportunity to reach a broad and diverse audience. Contextual targeting provides a unique chance to reach viewers based on what they’re consuming, rather than who they are. Publishers can use ad supported content to help reach a wider audience. OTT enables publishers to deliver a more seamless – and positive – viewer experience.

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Want to learn more about all things OTT and CTV? Excited to see how Smaato’s holistic platform can give you full control over your monetization strategy? Want to reach viewers worldwide? Download our complimentary white paper, OTT/CTV Advertising with Smaato.

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1 Over the Top (OTT) Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 – 2026).

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