‘Tis the Shopping Season! Are you ready?

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‘Tis the Shopping Season! Are you ready to reach holiday shoppers?

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

The holiday season is fast approaching. In the US, twinkle lights and a sea of red and green will soon replace autumnal and Halloween decor. Meanwhile, Single’s Day is fast approaching on 11/11.

Shoppers continue to spend time online to get their shopping down. Accelerated by the pandemic, the reliance on “mcommerce,” mobile ecommerce, continues to rise.

In the US alone, mcommerce sales are expected to jump 19.5% to 112.03 billion this holiday season.

Retail Mcommerce Holiday Season Sales
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Of course, with holiday shoppers spending more time online, marketers, DSPs, and advertisers have more opportunities to reach them.

Key End-Of-Year Shopping Holidays

Singles’ Day, Double 11, 11/11

Known by many names, this holiday means just one thing: a great excuse to treat yourself! You can read up on the history of the holiday in our previous blog post, here.

Singles’ Day is a monumental shopping holiday. Did you know it outpaces other key retail holidays like Prime Day, the 618 Shopping Festival, and even Black Friday each year? According to the China e-Business Research Center, 2021 pulled in an estimated RMB 965.1 billion ($139.83 billion) in sales.

Despite tighter wallets, Singles’ Day sales continue to see YOY growth:

Alibaba and JD.com Singles’s Day Sales Metrics
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This is a huge opportunity to reach many eyes (and not just in China – Singles’ Day is gaining traction and popularity throughout Asia and worldwide).

Leading Motivations for Shopping on Singles’ Day According to Singles’ Day Digital Shoppers
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While this is a key opportunity for retailers to reach potential buyers, this holiday is not limited to shoppers. With a growing focus on live streaming events, a general excitement, and a desire to participate in the phenomenon, many spend more time online to learn about new products and technologies, and just to browse. As a result, marketers, advertisers, and DSPs can reach an even wider audience.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

We call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday, but do you know why? There are different rumors out there, but in the term was coined to refer to the congestion of shoppers flooding malls, stores, and outlets to kick off the holiday shopping season. To this day, the retail industry is notorious for hosting huge sales, promotions, and deals that shoppers have just one day to get. Of course, this adds to the chaos and excitement. For more than 50 years, Black Friday has been a key part of the post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas/Hanukkah tradition. In more recent history, Cyber Monday joined the “holiday lineup” to encourage online shopping sales. Ecomm got its moment to shine with exclusive online deals on Cyber Monday. Small Business Saturday was also added into the mix, to help local retailers gain traction in the marketplace. And this isn’t limited to in-person shopping, either! Now, many of these local businesses are also relying on online sales to help support their brick-and-mortar location(s), while some small businesses are exclusive to the online space.

In the last few years, these events have started to mesh into one another, with sales starting earlier and ending later than before, and with retailers capitalizing on online shopping trends.
This gives demand partners a high-performing window in which to reach shoppers (and those who are just browsing, too) throughout the season.

In present day, these days come with presents!

Single’s Day: Nov 11, 2022
Hanukkah: Dec 18, 2022- Dec 26, 2022
Christmas: Dec 25, 2022
Boxing Day: Dec 26, 2022

Plus, holiday parties mean gifts for hosts and hostesses and for “Secret Santa” and “White Elephants” participation. Don’t forget, the end of the year is also a time when people give gifts to people who make an impact in their daily lives, like teachers, nurses, doctors, and hospital staff, doormen and supers, office staff/teams, and so many others.

In present day, these days come with presents!

Reaching Holiday Shoppers with Smaato’s Pre-Packaged Deals

At Smaato, we offer bundles of carefully curated, hand-selected inventory to help you reach the right audience for your needs. Based around tentpole events, holidays, themes, or even KPIs, these deals can help you extend your reach with less effort.

For this holiday season, check out our Singles’ Day deal, a single stop solution for your Double Eleven event needs, with China and APAC-specific inventory designed to reach online shoppers.

Our Shopping Deal is perfect for US and worldwide reach ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and regular, online holiday shopping for this holiday shopping season.

These deals couldn’t be easier to activate. Get in touch with your client partner manager to learn more. Or, to learn more about prepackaged inventory, check out our complimentary one sheeter here.

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