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Smaato’s Sweet Sixteen: 16 Facts About Smaato

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This August, Smaato turned Sweet Sixteen. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Happy birthday to us! To celebrate our sixteenth birthday, here are 16 facts you might not know about Smaato:

  1. The name Smaato comes from the phonetic sound for “Smart” (スマート) in Japanese.
  2. We’re not just mobile any more! We help publishers monetize their inventory across all kinds of devices, with inventory for web, mobile web, apps, OTT/CTV, and more.
  3. Our employees live in 25 countries! When we say global, we mean it.
  4. We invented our own header bidding solution called Unified Bidding. For publishers using our SDK, you can enjoy a 10-20%+ increase in revenue.
  5. Smaato’s birthday is the 18th of August. We were founded in 2005!
  6. We call the cat on the website “Smaatie.” (Did you know? Smaato employees are called Smaaties, and our favorite office candy is – you guessed it – Smarties.)
  7. Smaato’s ad server is completely free to use. Plus, publishers who switch to Smaato’s ad server see a ~30% uptick in revenue.
  8. Smaato was one of the first (if not the first ever) independent mobile ad exchanges in the world.
  9. We were able to double our female representation at the company from 2020 to 2021, to greatly improve our gender diversity.
  10. We are one of the only OTT platforms that offers free in-house server side ad insertion (SSAI) to reduce OTT ad fraud and lower costs.
  11. In 2020, we hired 41 employees, and have already hired 58 new Smaaties in the first half of 2021. Would you like to join the growing team? Check out our career page to learn more.
  12. When we launched our OTT platform back in February, we celebrated with a virtual pizza party – with real pizza! We surprised the OTT team with individual deliveries in the US, Germany, and India.
  13. “Be authentic” is one of our core values, and to us, improving transparency is critical. In addition to being hyper transparent with our customers, we also host monthly all-hands meetings, where every Smaatie gets a chance to learn more about our performance, numbers, company news and strategy, and to celebrate an employee of the month!
  14. Our marketers can reach 1.3 billion unique users and 470 million unique viewers around the world.
  15. In 2021, we were proud to be named an AdExchanger 2021 Programmatic Power Player.
  16. Our favorite shade of blue is Hex Code #4bbbeb.

How much of this did you already know? 

What to learn more about Smaato? Check out our platform overview, or head over to our About Us page to find out more.

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