Pre-Packaged Deal Feature: Summer Travel and Back to School

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Pre-Packaged Deal Feature: Summer Travel and Back to School

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

Summer offers a fun mix of summertime activities and the inevitable planning (dread, excitement, anticipation and all) of heading back to the classroom. Our team has put together two deals to help you reach audiences around the world and across different screens and devices.

First of all, what are pre-packaged deals?

At Smaato, pre-packaged deals are custom, curated bundles of inventory. We’ve centered these inventory selections around themes, like current events or weather, or by KPI, like click-through-rate, or video completion rate. We also have deals for ad format, and for inventory types like CTV. To learn more about the different types of pre-packaged deals, and how they can help marketers maximize their reach, check out this overview.

Summer Travel: The Travel Boom Continues

The Summer Travel Boom continues. Even high gas and flight prices (and high prices in general) aren’t discouraging travelers from scratching that cabin fever itch. According to a recent SkyScanner report, travelers are making up lost time by booking longer and more luxurious trips, too. Travelers are taking both short and long haul trips. And they are spending hours researching activities, hotels, and restaurants online, giving marketers more opportunities to reach them.

Travel to and within Europe has made recent headlines, with record heat waves, labor strikes, and baggage chaos. But even with the challenges, hazards, and record-high temperatures, summer travel and tourism continues to rise. With many peak-travel weeks still ahead, and business travel resuming, too, we expect travelers to continue booking their flights, hotels, and activities online.

In the same vein, eMarketer predicts a big increase in digital travel bookings. In the US alone, eMarketer predicts that “120 million US individuals will book travel digitally this year—a 17.6% increase versus last year” – and with continued growth thereafter:

Indexed Ad Requests for Desktop and Mobile Web
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This means that summer travelers are spending more time engaging with online and in-app experiences in order to book their summer travel, and killing time in long airport lines with engaging mobile gaming apps. As a result, marketers have more and more opportunities to reach them.

Our Summer Travel deal is still available in SDX, and there are ample opportunities to reach trip planners as they finalize their summer plans and embark on journeys both near and far. And for all you travelers, enjoy your trips, and if you can, try to avoid checking a bag to avoid further travel delays.

Back to School

While many are still packing (or avoiding unpacking) their suitcases, others are sharpening their pencils, catching up on summer reading, and getting ready for a new school year. From kindergarteners to college students, the back-to-school season comes with anticipation, e-learning, and a lot of shopping. Whether selecting school supplies, a new fall wardrobe, or ways to make a dorm room feel unique and special, students and parents alike are spending time online and in-app.

Indexed Ad Requests for Desktop and Mobile Web
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While inflation may be curbing some spend, retail ecommerce sales for the 2022 back-to-school season are still projected to surpass 2021 levels, with a huge jump from the 2019 season. But, higher prices may be affecting how and when shopping takes place. We expect that parents will be clustering their spend around sales events, both in store and online.

Our team did their homework and handcrafted a deal full of opportunities to reach students, teachers, and parents as they get ready to tackle another school year. Learn how to activate it, below!

Getting Started with Pre-Packaged Deals

To activate a pre-packaged deal, you can get in touch with your client partner manager, and they’ll do all the work for you. We want to make it simple for you to get started. We’ll do the set up on your behalf and you can focus on getting back to the pool (or helping with that summer reading book report).

Of course, we also make it easy to activate deals on your own. You can visit the marketplace tab in SDX. While you’re there, you can also make existing pre-packaged deals your own with your own customizations. You can select “targeting settings” when creating a line item to customize any pre-packaged deal.

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