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5 Tips for Optimizing Your In-App Ad Campaign

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Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman
Head of Marketing

In-app video ad formats are the top choice when it comes to user engagement and acquisition rates. Video ads provide a great return on investment (ROI) for marketers and advertisers looking to drive clicks and conversions.

In fact, in-app interstitial video ads on the Smaato platform have an average CTR that is more than 17X higher than static image display ads. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should discount display ads and banner ads. Innovative formats like rich media, native ads, and contextual deep linking can help make banner ads quite effective, and can help brands maximize reach.

In this blog post, we outline some best practices to help marketers and advertisers optimize in-app ad campaigns.

1. Provide a Seamless Click-Through Experience

When a user clicks on an ad, they expect to land on a page that reflects the promise made by the call-to-action. Choose a mobile-optimized landing page that mirrors the style and content of the ad. Any promotions or special offers should be clearly featured on your landing page.

For app advertisers, remember that every extra step along the path to conversion is another step closer to funnel abandonment. Pull out all the stops to route your users where they want to go with as few clicks as possible.

Contextual deep-linking can help. Deep linking connects users with a specific piece of in-app content. Instead of driving to a generic landing page, deep linking delivers a seamless click experience. Deep links bring users to contextually-relevant content. This improves engagement and limits bounce.

To learn more about deep linking, check out our free overview.

2. Diversify Your Campaign Across Multiple Ad Formats

As shown in this report, each ad format — from banners to rewarded video — have unique advantages that brands and advertisers can leverage to drive results. Some campaigns may have smaller budgets or more specific goals that only require the use of a single ad format. But larger branding campaigns will always benefit from utilizing a range of display and video ad formats.

Smaato SDK Supported Ad Formats
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3. Optimize Your Creatives for the In-App Environment

When running a display campaign, it can be tempting to simply reuse display ads from your desktop campaigns for your in-app campaigns. But to drive ad engagement in-app, it is important to take the unique screen size and in-app environment into consideration.

For video ads, it is especially important to ensure that your ad makes sense without sound. Many mobile video ads are viewed with sound off, so the creative should work muted, too The most successful in-app video ads also engage users within the first three to four seconds by showing the app or product in use and telling an easy-to-follow story.

4. Leverage Context for Granular Targeting

Previously, in-app advertisements relied heavily on data associated with device IDs. When users opt-in to sharing device ID and IDFA, marketers and advertisers can reach users via location, language, demographics, and more. Location targeting is especially valuable and unique to the in-app environment. GPS data can be as accurate as 10 to 100 meters, and geofencing allows advertisers to target a highly specific geographic area, such as a city neighborhood.

What happens when users opt out? Context can offer a helpful alternative. Matching advertising content with app content/genre delivers an unobtrusive advertising experience. This approach also maintains compliance with iOS 14.5 and other privacy regulations. By reaching users based on what they like and where they are, rather than who they are, you can create a hyper-relevant connection.

5. Download the Guide to In-App Advertising

Did you know? Mobile users spend more than 3x the amount of time in-app as on mobile web. It’s important to maximize engagement and deliver strong campaigns to capture attention.

The Guide to In-App Advertising shares tips and tricks for maximizing impact with in-app advertising. From interactive video ads and rewarded video, to an in depth explanation of private exchange and preferred deal opportunities, this guide gives marketers and advertisers the tools they need to help optimize their in-app ad campaigns.

Want to learn more about how Smaato can help you reach audiences around the globe and on any device? Check out our overview on how Smaato’s Marketer Solution (SDX) can help you reach 1.3 billion unique monthly users worldwide.

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