Instream Video

Higher eCPMs

Improved CTRs


Instream video advertising on the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX) delivers all the functionality needed to drive more revenue with higher eCPMs and improved click-through rates. Many of the world’s top publishers leverage Smaato’s Instream video to add monetizable inventory to their content. Our Instream video is VAST (“Video Ad Serving Template”) compliant, and is available in any of the following forms to provide users with a seamless and highly viewable ad experience.

  • Pre-roll

    These are the ads that you see before a video you requested begins.

  • Mid-roll

    Similar to commercial breaks, these ads are played during the requested video content.

  • Post-roll

    The least intrusive of Instream ad types, this ad plays at the end of the video content requested.

Outstream Video

Guaranteed Viewability

Premium Ad Placements

Enhanced Engagement


Leveraging Outstream video content in premium ad placements guarantees viewability and enhances engagement for both publishers and advertisers. Smaato’s Outstream video ad units integrate seamlessly in a publisher’s mobile web content, instantly transforming it into premium video inventory.

How It’s Done

Outstream means that the video ad plays within the content of a mobile web page rather than opening full screen in the device’s native video player.

  • When more than 70% is visible
  • Muted initially for better user experience
  • With any length video
  • When less than 70% is visible
  • When the user moves to a different screen
  • Replay button appears
  • Call-to-action appears
  • The ad unit disappears with scroll

Rewarded Video

Higher Completion Rate

Optimal Engagement

Ideal for Brand Awareness


Rewarded video is a popular ad format where users are incentivized for watching a video ad. Rewards can be in the form of prizes, virtual currency, or anything else the developer can provide in the context of their app that users would like to receive. These non-skippable videos typically run for 15 - 30 seconds, and are currently supported by client-side rewards. The fact that users opt-into these ad impressions in return for a reward or incentive greatly improves video completion, brand awareness, and/or drives app-installs.


Making a positive impact on users with ad creative is a goal both publishers and advertisers share. MRAID (“Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions”) Video is one way to achieve the engagement desired from the users. We take care of ensuring that campaigns work perfectly across all of the different platforms and devices, so that you can focus on driving revenue.


How It Works

MRAID is a technology for in-app advertising designed by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) to communicate rich media actions (i.e. banner expand and close) with different mobile platforms.


Native Ad Units

Native Ads, as in describes advertising that natively fits the look and feel of non-adverstising content units, are on the rise - and we‘re bringing them to mobile. Choose from size popular IAD-standard layouts - or create custom native ad placements.

Native Ad Builder

Looking to set up a Native Ads campaign with native creatives? Use our new Native Ad Builder to assemble and serve your own native ads creatives inside SPX!

Why Native Ads?

  • Higher eCPMs on your app traffic
  • Higher click-through rate
  • Improved user experience

Can I enable Native Ads with API integration?

  • Smaato supports API and SDK integration

Expandable Banner

Interactive format which allows the mobile ad unit to expand from a traditional size to a larger size.

  • This ad unit utilizes the expansion feature
  • The ad unit starts out collapsed and expands after a click
  • Collapsed size is 300x50px (MMA) or 320x50px (IAB)
  • Expanded size 300x250px (MMA) or 320x480px (IAB)


Interactive Banner

This interstitial ad unit can be seen in mobile apps.

  • The user is encouraged to interact with the ad unit through playing a game.
  • The ad unit will then give the user the option to click out to video, or visit the advertisements landing page.
  • Requires user action to initiate / activate /execute the ad unit.


Standard Ad Units

Standard Ad Units is an interactive and/or non-interactive ad unit displayed on a mobile web page and/or mobile application.

  • Medium Rectangle (300x250px)
  • Rectangle (180x150px)
  • Leaderboard (728x90px)
  • Skyscraper (160x600px)
  • Half Page Ad (300x600px)
  • XXLarge (320x50px & 320x53px)
  • XLarge (300x50px & 300x75px)
  • Large (216x36px & 216x54px)
  • Medium (168x28px & 168x42px)
  • Small (120x20px & 120x30px)
  • Micro Bar (88x31px)
  • Text Ad Units

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