At Smaato, our primary mission is to ensure that advertisers can access high-quality traffic for all their mobile ad campaigns through our extensive network of 90,000+ publishers and app developers. Over the past decade, we have gained a unique perspective on the connection between top quality supply and optimal traffic.

Even with premium supply, it’s important to be vigilant about fighting marketplace fraud. Smaato created a global Traffic Quality team dedicated to monitoring all traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This team of experts leverages a robust set of tools to ensure that your ad campaigns deliver genuine results. In essence, we focus on making traffic on our exchange fraud free, viewable, brand safe and transparent.

Fraud Free

We actively eliminate illegitimate traffic across the Smaato exchange. Our mobile ad fraud detection engine and third-party vendors save advertisers from millions of fraudulent impressions - improving ROI. These sophisticated statistical models can detect and preemptively eliminate invalid traffic for your campaigns.


We verify that ads display effectively and render in-view on the end user’s device. We observe the Media Rating Council's viewability standard – 50% of pixels in view for one second for display and two seconds for video.

Brand Safe

We ensure that your ads appear with appropriate content, and strive to meet advertiser brand safety standards that protect your media investments.


We always try to improve your understanding of the traffic you buy, offering real-time visibility and forensic information that enables you to improve your campaigns.

Quality Inventory Matters

Advertisers transact with premium supply partners in our marketplace with full confidence that their campaigns will reach authentic target audiences. Our standards for onboarding publishers leave no stone unturned – purposely designed to offer an exceptionally clean marketplace with premium publishers and only top quality inventory.

Since the start of 2015, Smaato has implemented a publisher block-rate of 14%.

New publishers face even tougher standards; Smaato blocks 1 in 4 that request access.

Tackling Ad Fraud

Fraud is an uncomfortable topic for many in the mobile advertising industry. No one wants to admit the possibility of their business being undermined by fraudulent traffic, bots and inappropriate ads. Meanwhile, fraud persists, with the Association of National Advertisers and WhiteOps estimating fraud cost advertisers approximately $7.2 billion in 2016 alone.

Thankfully, in the past few years there has been a concerted effort to have a frank discussion around what we as an industry must do to confront it. Smaato’s approach to traffic quality combines technology and human expertise to protect ad campaigns from fraud such as bot traffic, click fraud, and more.

Total Campaign Protection

Our global Traffic Quality team is tasked with protecting all your mobile ad investments from fraud such as bot traffic, invalid clicks and more. When suspicious activity arises on the exchange, our traffic quality experts isolate the issue and eliminate the threats in one of the following ways to ensure the best performance of your ads.


Programmatic partners are protected against ad fraud by Smaato's global blacklist of publishers, maintained in conjunction with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify.

During the Campaign

Traffic quality scanning tools perform real-time filtering and blocking of undesired publishers at the URL and page level.


Our experts perform impressions and click analysis to uncover powerful insights and recommendations for all following campaigns.

Completing the Safe Marketplace Circle

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads and low-quality traffic — learn more about how we approach market quality from the publisher’s perspective on our ad quality resources page. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiative.