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Protected Mobile Marketplace

At Smaato, our top priority is to offer a clean, protected mobile advertising marketplace. We combine human expertise and sophisticated automated systems to create a safe and secure platform for publishers and advertisers alike.

Both advertisers and publishers need a safe place to transact mobile advertising campaigns at scale. Smaato’s programmatic exchange is designed to safeguard your mobile investments from all external threats, including malware, click fraud, bots, and more.

With a combination of the latest technology and a dedicated team of experts, which includes PhDs, data scientists, and engineers, we ensure that advertisers have access to high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for their campaigns. In addition, we work to keep our publishers safe from inappropriate ads that are harmful to their users. Our global exchange manages 500+ billion ads and reaches over one billion unique mobile users each month. That is a big marketplace to protect!

Smaato's Protected Mobile Marketplace
Smaato's Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions

To create a safe environment for both publishers and demand partners, Smaato deploys the latest technology to fight against fraud and protect brand safety.

Our automated detection methods users advanced algorithms and machine learning to scan advertisements for quality. If bad ads or anything malicious is detected, automatic blocks take place. For advertisers, we are vigilant in providing safe, high-quality traffic. Our multi-level check, which includes a customer identification program and stringent traffic reviews, provide advertisers with only the best traffic.

Dedicated Team of Experts

Technology is a critical tool from safeguarding apps and advertising campaigns, but it’s our in-house team of experts that really deliver. The Ad Quality and Traffic Quality teams provide hands-on coverage from around the world to ensure that our partners are being protected.

Our experts, using advanced detection methods and decades of combined experience, act quickly to eliminate any threats on the Smaato platform.

Smaato's Dedicated Team of Experts

Transparency and Viewability

Brands want a safe and transparent platform where they know their ads are being seen by real people. We are committed to bringing increased transparency and viewability measurement standards to the industry.

That is why we integrated Moat, the industry leader for mobile viewability, into our SDK. We were also an active participant in the IAB Tech Lab “Open Measurement Working Group,” which developed the first industry-approved open-source viewability measurement SDK.

Buy and Sell With Confidence

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads and low-quality traffic — learn more about how we eliminate these culprits by visiting our Ad Quality and Traffic Quality sections. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiatives.