Both advertisers and publishers need a safe place — a clean, protected neighborhood — to transact mobile advertising campaigns at scale. Smaato’s programmatic exchange is designed to safeguard your mobile investments from all external threats, including malware, click fraud, bots and more.

We ensure that advertisers have access to high-quality traffic and authentic audiences for their campaigns. In addition, we must be certain that publishers aren’t impacted by inappropriate ads that harm their users. Our global exchange manages 500+ billion ads each month and reaches over 1 billion unique mobile users. That’s a big neighborhood to protect! We safeguard your mobile investments by making our inventory fraud free, viewable, brand safe and transparent.

Fraud Free

Eliminating illegitimate traffic across the exchange


Verifying that your ads are effectively displayed

Brand Safe

Ensuring your ads appear with appropriate content


Improving your understanding of the traffic you buy

Our Premium Publishers

Advertisers know that a fraud free, brand safe marketplace thrives on good supply. The cornerstone of Smaato’s marketplace is premium ad traffic from high-quality publishers — there’s simply no better way to reach an authentic audience with your mobile ad campaigns. At Smaato, we maintain very stringent standards for onboarding publishers, purposely designed to offer an exceptionally clean marketplace with premium publishers and only top quality inventory.

Our Holistic Approach

There are no shortcuts to delivering a fraud free marketplace. With over a decade of ad tech experience, our powerful blend of ad technology and market quality expertise safeguards your mobile ad investments. Smaato began applying a multi-layered approach that is built upon proven technology, data analysis and smart people.

As a result of these efforts, our global team of experts monitors Smaato’s marketplace to ensure that traffic is legitimate and content conforms to our stringent Content Guidelines. Meanwhile, we analyze fraud patterns and use third-party risk detection software to layer added protection against malware and bots.

Proven Technology

We leverage data analysis tools and risk detection software to resolve traffic quality issues.

Smart People

A team of Smaato experts ensures that only genuine traffic and ads reach our exchange.

Quality Marketplace

Our blend of automated and human checks deliver a fraud free mobile ad marketplace.

Trust in Mobile

Trust is a critical component of any marketplace, but widespread ad fraud has compromised the integrity of the mobile advertising industry for too long. Smaato’s mission is to build trust in mobile advertising — we are committed to providing a transparent mobile marketplace with premium app inventory that is trusted by marketers and global brands. Because of the trust and transparency we have built over the past decade working with 90,000 app developers and publishers, Smaato is in a unique position to identify bad actors and work to refine our standards and criteria.

Smaato Market Quality

Buy & Sell with Confidence

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads and low-quality traffic — learn more about how we eliminate these culprits in both Ad Quality and Traffic Quality. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiative.