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High Ad Quality Standards

Through a combination of the latest technology and our in-house Ad Quality team, we protect your users by delivering safe ads from reputable sources.

Ad Control

Our Ad Quality team scans and controls real-time traffic 24/7, covering all time zones


Internal technology and expertise ensure a safe environment for publishers


Our extensive buyer verification process rates and pairs your supply with top-quality demand


Smaato’s SDK acts as an automatic blocking tool for pop-ups and auto-redirects

As a publisher, monetizing your app and improving user engagement are among your primary concerns. At Smaato, we care about helping you to drive app revenue while protecting your users from harmful ad experiences.

With over a decade of ad tech experience, we offer safe app monetization so that you can focus on what matters — building a great mobile user experience without worrying about exposing your users to disruptive, inappropriate ads.

Blocking Ad Quality Threats

Substandard or malicious ads can disrupt the user experience and damage to your app’s reputation. Smaato’s Ad Quality team protects your users from fraudulent and deceptive ads with our mobile ad fraud detection engine as the first line of defense.

Smaato’s advanced technology accurately flags threats such as auto-redirects, offensive content, malware, phishing scams, and more.

Technology Partners

We work with industry-leading partners to ensure that our ad quality standards remain high and threats to your app’s users are blocked on the Smaato exchange.

Completing the Safe Marketplace Circle

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads and low-quality traffic — learn more about how we eliminate these culprits in both market quality and traffic quality. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiative.