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Google Integrates Smaato into AdMob and DoubleClick to Help Publishers Maximize Revenues

As the largest independent mobile ad platform, Smaato is tapped by Google for its global demand network of more than 450 partners

SAN FRANCISCO – March 14, 2016 – Smaato, the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers, today announced it’s been selected by Google and integrated into the AdMob and DoubleClick for Publishers platforms via SDK-less mediation. Now, publishers on AdMob and DoubleClick will be able to easily leverage Smaato’s innovative dynamic demand technology to connect with more than 450 ad networks and demand-side platforms around the world and maximize revenues.

With SDK-less mediation, Google is allowing developers to leverage additional ad networks without integrating and testing new SDKs. Now, new networks are added server-side without the need for publishers to waste development resources, perform app updates, or risk bugs and bloated code. Google has selected four leading companies – SmaatoDrawbridge, Aarki, and MdotM – as its first round of partners for SDK-less mediation.

Smaato’s competitive advantage lies in the size of its global network. Serving up 10 billion ad impressions daily, the company works with more than 90,000 mobile publishers and app developers, as well as 450 demand-side partners. Smaato has recently seen astounding growth in China – a critical, lucrative market for mobile publishers and app developers – with impressions in the region jumping 203 percent throughout 2015 and ad spend growth of 1,246 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015.

What’s more, Smaato pioneered a unique Dynamic Demand technology, which creates real-time programmatic competition within the platform. Like a “Nasdaq for mobile ads,” Dynamic Demand intelligently creates a Super Auction that provides publishers with the highest possible eCPMs.

“From day one, our focus has always been on helping mobile publishers and app developers maximize monetization,” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Smaato. “Google clearly shares this mission. By integrating competitors’ networks into its platform, Google is making the mobile ad experience as seamless – and lucrative – as possible for app developers. We’re eager to connect publishers on AdMob and DoubleClick with our vast global network, to help them hit higher revenues than ever before.”

Smaato’s mobile-first platform offers a free publisher ad server (SPX), global RTB demand and integrated network mediation, support for direct-sold and private exchange deals, and dynamic demand technology which ensures that every impression competes equally across all forms of demand. Smaato supports built-in native and video support, plus all types of rich media, interstitial, and standard banner ads.

To learn more about Smaato’s solutions for mobile publishers and app developers, please visit:

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