Smaato’s SDK Update Offers Six New Native Ad Templates

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Smaato’s SDK Update Offers Six New Native Ad Templates

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Bertrand Rothen

Bertrand Rothen
Product Marketing Manager

The advertising industry is abuzz about native advertising – if you’re still new to native ads, check out our previous posts on native advertising in mobile and native ads with Smaato.

Native ads are attractive to publishers because they boast higher eCPMs and deliver better revenues than standard ad placements. Sounds compelling, right? There is one drawback, however – the technical realization of native ads is more complex than other ad formats.

Whereas image ads simply require single image creative plus a beacon that is called and displayed, native ads usually contain multiple creative pieces that need to fit the requirements of the native ad property. This means that larger-scale integration of native ads has been quite cumbersome for app developers…until now! Smaato set out to make this process a lot easier for you – enter our Native Ad Templates!

With our legacy iOS SDK and Android SDK updates, you’re now able to integrate six pre-defined native ad layouts (as outlined by the IAB, and represented in our SPX Platform) as templates into your app, saving you approximately 80% of setup time!

We’ve compiled some more info on the available layout templates below:

Content Wall

Content Wall is an image-centric ad layout most commonly used in blogs, news and content-focused sites, as well as search engines. This layout has the advantage of fitting seamlessly into image-focused content and not disrupting the viewer’s experience.

Content Wall

App Wall

The App Wall format is good for fitting sponsored content into a publication that draws upon a list-offer view. It’s mostly used for offer walls, app recommendation sites and app directories.

App Wall Layout

News Feed

Resembling a news blurb or post, the News Feed layout provides an integrated experience for news sites, content feed sites and text-focused social media apps, as well as search engines.

News Feed Layout

Chat List

As the name implies, this layout is geared towards use in a chat app environment – if you’re providing your users with a convenient chat function at no cost, they won’t be bothered by a sponsored message once in a while.

Chat List Layout


You may have seen this layout before on news and social media sites – it’s a great way to showcase multiple images for image-heavy advertising content. As this format has an interactive nature (you need to swipe sideways to view the images), it may be harder to integrate sensibly, but it could become a premium ad format in future.

Carousel Layout

Content Stream

This format is rather well-known from established social media offerings, and works in a similar way as the News Feed layout. Content Stream occupies more image space, so it’s geared towards an image-driven social platform.

Content Stream Layout
To get started with our new Native Ad Templates, grab the latest legacy iOS or Android SDK and read more in our Developer Documentation.

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