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Smaato Achieves The Trade Desk’s Gold Standard

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Alex Khan

Alex Khan
Managing Director, APAC

In today’s complex programmatic ecosystem, transparency is essential to building trust between all links in the supply chain. With Gold Standard from The Trade Desk, we are excited to strengthen our fraud-free inventory and send an important trust signal to our partners.

Over the past year, the term “transparency” has become little more than a buzzword in the programmatic advertising industry. Many in the supply chain have taken advantage of this vague term to avoid talking about any real measures they are taking to combat ad fraud, improve brand safety, and optimize ad spending. Initiatives from industry-recognized organizations are therefore essential for stakeholders to prove not only their commitment to transparency but also how they are taking real action to achieve it.

Gold Standard

As such, we are proud to announce that we have received Gold Standard from The Trade Desk, a global technology platform for buyers of advertising. The Trade Desk, which works closely with many of the world’s biggest and most premium brands and digital media agencies, awards Gold Standard to partners who are advancing the goal of creating a more transparent and clean programmatic marketplace.

Gold Standard is the latest development in Smaato’s ongoing commitment to provide brand safety to advertisers integrated with our 450+ demand partners across the world. In 2017, we became a proud member of the IAB Tech Lab’s Open Measurement Working Group, which helped advance in-app ad viewability measurement. Along with proprietary ad fraud software and global quality teams, we also partner with several industry-leading vendors to ensure transparent, high-quality traffic.

“Smaato is a key partner of ours and they have helped open up access to transparent, fraud-free in-app mobile inventory for our clients on a global scale,” said Matt Harty, SVP of Asia Pacific at The Trade Desk. “Our clients want performance, efficiency, transparency, and global reach. Smaato brings our programmatic buyers more opportunity to achieve brand-safe campaign objectives.”

The Trade Desk Gold Standard provides media buyers a curated mobile in-app marketplace that strives to be global, safe, and transparent. By doing this, The Trade Desk is taking a real leadership role in making sure it is protecting its buyers and advertisers. In-app mobile advertising, when done right through a partner committed to fraud elimination, provides unparalleled measurement reliability and precision targeting.

Smaato and The Trade Desk combine leading advertiser demand with a global network of the world’s biggest and most popular app publishers. Together, our two companies are particularly well positioned to deliver The Trade Desk’s broad brand advertiser base the most coveted mobile advertising inventory — quality, fraud-free, and viewable in-app inventory.

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