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Reap the Rewards of Rewarded Video Ads

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

Rewarded videos gained traction in the gaming world by giving users tangible in-app reward in exchange for engaging with ads. But are there other applications for this engaging format?

What is Rewarded Video?

Rewarded Video is an in-app ad format that rewards users for engaging with advertisements. Traditionally, rewarded video was used for mobile gaming apps, where users could access hidden levels, gain coins, or unlock features by watching video ads all the way through.

How Does Rewarded Video Work
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What are the Advantages of Rewarded Video Ads?

Rewarded video ads are highly engaging. Because users opt into watching the ads, they pay more attention to the ad content, and are more likely to click through. Since users only get rewards by watching the ad to completion, video ad completion rates are higher, too. For marketers there is another key advantage: marketers only have to pay for ads that are watched all the way through. Since users would much rather opt in to a video ad than pay to unlock gaming levels or to make in-app purchases, brand sentiment improves, too, for publishers and marketers.

Why Should Non-Gaming Publishers Consider Rewarded Video Ads?

With the popularity, high engagement, and high performance of rewarded videos, it’s no wonder publishers outside the gaming world are capitalizing on this trend. What are some publishers who could benefit?

  • eCommerce Apps – Give shoppers unique promo codes, access to sales, or other incentives for engaging with ad content.
  • News/Media Apps – Offer readers a way around the paywall to read specific content, stories, or articles.
  • Music and Radio Apps – Let listeners listen without interruption after engaging with a rewarded ad.
  • CTV Apps – Allow viewers to opt in to a longer, non-skippable commercial break to enjoy a stretch of ad-free content.

Gaming isn’t the only app category that should reap the rewarded video rewards!

Ready to learn more about Rewarded Video Ads Outside of Gaming?

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