Pre-Packaged Deals to Put Some Spring in Your Step

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Pre-Packaged Deals to Put Some Spring in Your Step

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

This Spring, there are many pre-packaged deals you’ll want to take advantage of to help reach relevant audiences across screens, devices, and around the world.

Let’s dive in!


Earth Day 2023 is April 23 this year. Spring is an ideal time to address sustainability. Recognize the opportunities by reaching sustainability-oriented audiences.

Our Sustainability deal includes inventory across eco-friendly sites and platforms.

While Earth Day is in April, the mindset should be a year-round one. As a result, this deal is refreshed all year long with new inventory.

Pre-Packaged Deals to Put Some Spring in Your Step

Mother’s Day

To celebrate the mothers out there, we’ve hand-selected a deal full of apps for productivity, ecommerce/shopping sites, and other content to make Mom-life a little easier. This selection of inventory is popular among these daily superheroes on-the-go on their phones, or at home on the big screen with their families.

Pre-Packaged Deals to Put Some Spring in Your Step


From spring-cleaning to prepping the garden and the lawn for hosting summer parties and BBQs, this deal is designed to help you reach audiences who invest close to home. With the Nesters deal, reach home gardeners and lawn enthusiasts. Plus, connect with home decorators and home renovators, and those who love to host and entertain.

Ramadan 2023

Did you know that 71%1 of consumers in the Middle East say that Ramadan is the best time for shopping deals? Our Ramadan pre-packaged deal is full of shopping and ecommerce apps and sites to help you reach those hunting for deals and shopping for gifts. We’ve also included travel and streaming content, to reach those looking for entertainment during the holiday or traveling to be with family and friends.

Spanish Language Deals

Cinco de Mayo is around the corner! Check out this Spanish-Language pre-packaged deal. Our team carefully curated it to include apps, sites, and video streaming inventory that supports built-in English-to-Spanish-language translation.

Are you ready to get started? Contact your client partner manager to activate these deals and many others. Or, check out our Pre-Packaged Deal Portal to explore all deals and learn more!

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