Monetization Mondays Ep. 1: Customer Obsession With CEO Ajitpal Pannu [Video]


Monetization Mondays Ep. 1: Customer Obsession With CEO Ajitpal Pannu [Video]

1 Minute Read | September 7th, 2020

Paul Arnold

Paul Arnold
Content Marketing Manager

Introducing Monetization Mondays

At Smaato, our mission is to deliver a platform to publishers that enables them to create seamless, tailored, and engaging ad experiences for their audiences and advertisers. Through this focus, we are building a community of partners that have advanced control of their monetization strategies.

We understand the importance of reaching your monetization goals and driving revenue. That’s why we are introducing a brand new weekly video series on this topic – Monetization Mondays. Mondays aren’t everyone’s favorite day, but our bitesize videos are sure to offer the slice of inspiration you need for the week ahead.

Kicking off Monetization Mondays for September, join our CEO, Ajitpal Pannu, as he introduces the series and discusses the importance of customer obsession at Smaato. Each month we will be delving into a different topic, discussing how it offers monetization solutions for our publishers and how our model is enabling the ecosystem to prosper in these challenging times.

Join Us Next Week

We hope you enjoy these digital advertising insights from Smaato’s leaders. Stay tuned for next week’s episode as our Senior Director of Marketing, Carrie Pittman, explores the ever-changing ad tech landscape while offering some important insights for publishers.

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