Innovative Ad Formats for 2022

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Innovative Ad Formats for 2022

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Carrie Pittman

Carrie Pittman
Head of Marketing

New year, new ad formats. In 2021, we saw first hand how innovative new ad formats helped our publishers generate revenue, while boosting engagement for our marketers and advertisers.

We’re diving into three trending ad formats below: playable ads, rewarded video ads, and native video ads.

Playable Ads

What are Playable ads?

Playable ads are interactive ads that give players a chance to test out an app before downloading it.

What are the benefits of Playable ads?

Playable Ads

Interactive ads are, by nature, more enticing to users, and garner strong engagement rates. Playable ads come without any commitment: users can test out a game before downloading it. Not only do these ads enjoy strong engagement (after all, they help users more actively participate in their ad break), but also help improve click-through rates, and the odds that a user will convert.

We expect playable ads to really take off in 2022. Users want more control over their ad breaks, which playable offers by making ads engaging and fun. Plus, they enjoy an opportunity to test out an app before downloading it. The result? Playable ads can help boost brand sentiment, while also yielding users who are more likely to engage with their newly downloaded app once they convert.

Rewarded Video Ads

What are Rewarded Video ads?

Rewarded video ads are advertisements that give a user a tangible reward (like unlocking game levels, virtual coins, ungating content, or access to sales and promo codes) in exchange for engaging with ad content.

Rewarded Video Ads

What are the benefits of Rewarded Video ads?

For marketers, rewarded ads are great because marketers only have to pay for completed video views, resulting in more bang for the buck.

For publishers, rewarded video ads offer users a more positive experience. Across the board (whether by gender, age, or location), users prefer rewarded video ads to other types of advertisements. Why? These ads give users more control over their advertising experience, and reward them for engaging.Users get something in exchange for watching an ad, which makes these ad breaks feel like opportunities, not interruptions.

Rewarded ads come with strong engagement rates and, as a result, high eCPMs.

Native Video Ads

What are Native Video ads?

Native video ads are video advertisements that blend into their surrounding environment.

What is the difference between Native Video and Native Display ads? What about Native Video vs. Outstream Video?

Native Video Ads

Like native display, native video fits seamlessly into the publisher’s app or website, but instead of static imagery, native video ads are able to play video creative.

Native video and outstream video both play outside of a device’s default video player: they are in line with the context of the page. But, the difference is that native placements are wrapped with a logo, title, description, and call to action (much like a native image ad). So while native video is similar to outstream video, the way they’re presented differs slightly. Native video blends into the environment better than an outstream ad, which more obviously breaks up page content.

What are the benefits of Native Video ads?

Native ads tend to perform quite well: they fit seamlessly into the surrounding content, giving users an unobtrusive ad experience, while also offering contextually-relevant creative. As a result, engagement rates are much higher, and brand sentiment can also improve.

Getting Started

Marketers, are you including playable ads, rewarded video, and native video in your advertising strategy? Publishers, are you monetizing your content with these revenue-driving innovative ad formats?

To learn how to get started, get in touch. We’re here to help!

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