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Catch These Deals: Pre-Packaged Sports Inventory

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

Marketers know the challenge of gaining viewer attention during major sporting events, like Super Bowl or the Winter Olympics. In fact, Adweek reports that Fox Sports is already selling 2023 Super Bowl inventory, 18 months before the coin toss.

Of course, major sporting events look a little different these days. We’re still feeling the effects of the pandemic.

Pre-Packaged Sports Inventory

The thing is, while there may be fewer fans in the stadium or traveling to Beijing for the upcoming Winter Olympics, loyal fans at home are still checking in across devices. They may be streaming the game via OTT platforms or on SmartTV or other connected TV (CTV) devices. While watching, they may be looking up stats on their phones, tablets, and laptops, and sharing real-time reactions on social media platforms. After all, simultaneous internet and TV users make up the majority of US viewers.

Simultaneous Internet and TV Users in the US, 2018-2022

A splashy, expensive ad campaign on Super Bowl Sunday isn’t the only way to reach these eager fans.

Our pre-packaged sports inventory can help you reach game day hosts on recipe apps, sports fanatics across news and sports apps, and viewers on CTV devices.

By reaching audiences based on what they’re interested in, rather than who they are, marketers can get in front of relevant audiences while respecting viewer privacy.

We’re proud of the hand-curated deals we’ve assembled. Each one (whether for Sports inventory or themes like weather, or even for other KPIs such as view rate) is comprised of our “MVP” publishers across devices, to help marketers and advertisers extend their reach.

To learn more, check out the marketplace tab in SDX, or contact your Client Partner Manager. For more information on Pre-Packaged deals, click here.

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