Are You Making the Most of Your Desktop and Mobile Web Inventory?

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Are You Making the Most of Your Desktop and Mobile Web Inventory?

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Jane Handel

Jane Handel
Product Marketing Manager

From 2020 to 2021, we saw tremendous growth on the Smaato Platform for desktop and mobile web. Publishers felt the gains with increased ad requests, and marketers were able to reach engaged audiences worldwide across a wide array of innovative ad formats.

Indexed Ad Requests for Desktop and Mobile Web
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In December of 2021, ad requests for desktop and mobile web were three times higher than the same month the previous year.

So, are you taking advantage of desktop and mobile web advertisements? How does desktop and mobile web inventory fit into your monetization strategy?

Innovative Ad Formats for Desktop and Mobile Web

Of course, standard static display banner ads have their place, and are an important part of any monetization strategy and advertising plan. But there are countless other opportunities to deliver strong user experiences and engage with global audiences.

Native Ads

For example, native ads (ads that blend into their surrounding environment) are well-received by users. Across desktop and mobile environments, native ads (including native display, native video, and native rich media ads) take banner ads to a new level by seamlessly fitting into the content around them. As a result, users are more likely to interact with these ads. At the same time, the user experience is a cohesive one, which can help brand sentiment. With this in mind, native ads tend to have higher eCPMs for publishers, and marketers enjoy better engagement rates.

It’s no wonder that ad spend increased in H2 YOY from 2020 to 2021 at Smaato. In 2021, more advertisers leaned into this opportunity, and publishers added native placements into their monetization strategy.

Indexed Ad Spend on Native Ad Formats on the Smaato Platform
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Outstream Video

Similarly, outstream video, or video that plays outside of a built-in video player, can help catch attention, combating “banner blindness.” As a user scrolls through publisher content, outstream video ad placements appear along the way with eye-catching video creative. Instead of scrolling past, users are more likely to engage with the content. On the Smaato Platform, we saw an increase in ad spend for outstream video month over month across the second half of the year:

Indexed Ad Spend on Outstream Video on the Smaato Platform by Month
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These are just two of many ad formats that can help capture attention, garner clicks, and generate strong eCPMs. On the Smaato Platform, we help our publishers monetize their inventory across many different kinds of ad formats, including interstitials, rewarded video, splash ads, and many more.

Smaato Ad Formats
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