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A Visual Guide to Mobile in China [Infographic]

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Anthony Karge

Anthony Karge
Content Marketing Manager

Out of all the fast-growing countries, none have the advantages that China does when it comes to mobile advertising or increasing app monetization. Advertisers and app publishers from around the world are looking to China to unlock new levels of growth.

It’s for good reason that China has become so desirable in the mobile world, as no country offers such favorable numbers in this category.

For starters, the population is massive and the mobile adoption rate is impressive. The fact that the total smartphone adoption rate still has room to grow is another appealing factor. Combine that with the fast-increasing spending power of consumers, and you have the perfect combination of factors to achieve growth.

Best of all, China still has lots of room for expansion when it comes to mobile. However, with that enormous potential comes challenges unique to China. If you want to succeed, your strategy will have to be adapted for this complex market. Simply copying what’s been successful in the US, Europe, or other parts of the world won’t cut it.

This infographic guide will give you a solid introduction into the mobile landscape of China. For more detailed information, download our free whitepaper, “Inside China: Key Insights for Unlocking This Mobile-First Market.”

A Visual Guide to Mobile in China [Infographic]
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