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Smaato’s Platform and Mediation Solutions

Smaato supports client-side SDK mediation solutions, server-side mediation, and Unified Bidding. Learn how to maximize fill rate and eCPMs.

Smaato’s Platform and Mediation Solutions

At Smaato, we offer two ways to take advantage of Mediation, in addition to our Unified Bidding solution. Whether you use us as a primary platform or integrate with us separately, we can help you boost eCPMs and fill.

Why Use Smaato for Mediation?


We support all environments, including Mobile Apps, Mobile Website and Desktop Websites, OTT/CTV Channels.

All Ad Formats

Our platform is built to support all ad formats. Monetize your way across native, rich media, video, display, and OTT/CTV.

All-in-One Simplicity

In SPX, you can mediate and add bidders all in one place, and have this compete with your direct deals.

Maximum Fill

With centralized demand and access to Smaato’s wide range of quality, global demand sources, gain more control over your fill rate.

Increased Revenue

Increased competition means greater eCPMs. Set your tiers and enjoy a revenue boost.

Robust Reporting

We offer reporting functionality across all key metrics, including revenue, served-ads, impressions, eCPMs, fill rate, and view rate.

Deep Insights

We also offer KPI reporting metrics for each of your mediation and bidding demand sources.

Client-Side SDK Mediation

Client-Side SDK Mediation

When you use Smaato as your primary platform, you get complete control over the entire mediation process.

Publishers can mediate other ad platforms within SPX utilizing an SDK connection. This mediation lets additional ad platforms compete in an auction with Smaato’s own demand partners.

We make it easy for publishers to organize their waterfall by priority and price, deals, and more. Set specific tiers to give premium deals a chance to fill first, and choose how you prioritize demand partners and set unique parameters for the ad exchange.

Who is Supported?

Our SDK already has client-side mediation adapters for the following certified partners: MoPub, Facebook Audience Network, and AdMob/GAM. We can also support any custom SDK network of your choice, using a custom class and custom data.

How Does Client-Side SDK Mediation Work?

How Does Client-Side SDK Mediation Work?

It’s simple. Smaato’s SDK requests ads from other third party SDK partners. Then, these third party partners compete in a unified auction. This auction can include priority and price-tiered waterfalls, or can happen in parallel.

Third party SDK partners, other SDK mediation networks, and publisher-owned demand (like direct campaigns) can now compete with Smaato’s own demand (including open auction and deals).

The increased competition helps improve both fill rates and eCPMs.

At Smaato, you can manage your full programmatic ad stack in one place. Enjoy full control over your monetization solution without the pesky subscription fees. Plus, pay zero ad-serving fees on house ads. It’s that simple.
Server-Side Mediation

Server-Side Mediation

Want access to Smaato’s high-quality global demand, but have a different partner for your primary platform? We offer a server-side meditation solution.

Publishers can mediate other ad platforms within SPX utilizing a server-to-server (S2S) connection. This allows these other ad platforms to compete against our network of demand partners.

Who is Supported?

Our platform already has certified partner connections to Inmobi and MobFox, but we can support any custom network of your choice for JS tag (display) and VAST tag (video) mediation.

How Does Server-Side Mediation Work?

Smaato’s platform requests ads from other third party ad partners. Next, these ads compete in a unified auction (priority and price tiered waterfalls, or in parallel) against Smaato demand (both open auction and deals). They can even compete against other mediation networks and publisher-owned demand (e.g. direct campaigns).

As a result of the increased competition, publishers enjoy higher fill rates and eCPMs without the hassle of any additional SDK dependencies. With a single mediation integration, publishers get all the benefits of working with multiple partners.

Smaato as a Bidding Platform

Unified Bidding is a header bidding solution within SPX that lets publishers bring their own demand to compete against Smaato’s.

Unified Bidding

Unified Bidding

Unified Bidding is Smaato’s own header bidding solution. It comes with our SDK, NextGen SDK, and helps publishers increase their revenue by centralizing demand.

You can also bring your own demand to compete within the Unified Bidding auction, simply by adding other ad platforms as Unified Bidders within SPX (utilizing a Prebid Server connection).

Now, these bidders can compete in a unified auction against Smaato’s own robust network of demand partners, as well as against any deals, direct campaigns, and mediated ad networks. After all, increased competition = higher ecpms!

Insights from our intelligent platform reveal that Smaato’s in-app header bidding solution delivers 20-50+% higher revenue compared to other integrations. Unified Bidding brings greater competition to every auction, driving stronger eCPMs and helping to maximize fill rates.

Our platformalready includes direct connection to bidders like AppNexus/Xandr, OpenX, Pulsepoint, PubMatic, and Rubicon/Magnite.

Did you know? Smaato offers complete flexibility with a hybrid model, so you can choose waterfall, header bidding, or a combination thereof.

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