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Case Study: Times of India

Learn how the Times of India has improved their international remnant inventories by monetizing their mobile apps with Smaato.



The Times of India Mobile, India’s largest English daily news site, keeps readers updated on the latest national and international news. The goal was to boost eCPMs and fill rates with international traffic.


Times Internet Limited joined Smaato as a publisher in July 2013. With a target CPM to reach, Smaato’s unique positioning allowed greater monetization of their Android and iOS inventory. Through Smaato’s aggressive promotion to Ad Networks and Demand Side Platforms and careful placement of floor prices, the eCPM of their Android and iOS properties rose steadily. With the help of weekly reports and conversations with the publisher, new avenues of potential publisher sources were opened up through the Times Internet Limited conglomerate.


The eCPM of iOS US inventory for Times of India has risen to more than 10 times on the RTB market in December 2013 in comparison to September 2013. The addition of the iPad inventory has seen upwards of $5.00 eCPM on the RTB market. Since July 2013, Smaato has been able to access 100% of Times of India’s remnant international traffic – CPM has risen several fold. Daily impressions and total revenue rose three times as well.

Smaato is our partner for backfilling international remnant inventories across platforms for all our mobile properties. The eCPMs and fill rates have been fantastic leading to an overall growth of revenues. It has also been a pleasure dealing with the service team at their end who are always, willing to go that extra mile for client satisfaction. We look forward to a fulfilling business relationship with Smaato in the long run.

Guarav Brar | Vice President at Times Internet Limited

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