Grindr is a popular all-male social networking app for iOS, Andorid, and Blackberry devices. It has more than 5 million users in 192 countries across the world and it is downloaded approximately 10,000 times everyday. The developers of Grindr were not happy with the eCPMs that they were generating through advertising on their free app. While the app is used globally, they were facing challenges in effectively monetizing the app in international markets using their monetization partners at the time.


Grindr began working with Smaato in March 2014. They started using Smaato’s mobile RTB ad exchange and its ad network mediation platform for monetizing the 320×50, 728×90, and 320×480 ad sizes, both on the iOS and Android version of the app. They also opened all the international traffic on their app to Smaato demand. Smaato was able to deliver much higher eCPMs to Grindr because of the massive scale it brings with 337+ ad networks and DSPs connected globally to its platform, and the granular controls it gave to the developers in setting the minimum eCPM floors by geography. Grindr appreciated the attention and hands-on approach that they received from the Smaato account management team. Smaato’s account management team was quick to resolve any technical issues, and consulted Grindr regularly on maximizing their revenue globally.


Grindr saw an increase of 35% on average in eCPMs across the board on all formats that they are running with Smaato. Their top performing ad size on both iOS and Android operating systems is 320×50. They are seeing good revenue increase on both image and rich media ads. In their own words, “adding Smaato to our mix of advertising RTB partners has directly benefited Grindr with higher eCPMs resulting in higher revenue. Working with their team has been easy with quick resolution to any issues that have arisen. We look forward to having Smaato continue to be our leading ad partner in the future.”

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