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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Overview

Smaato is committed to supporting our partners in their GDPR compliance initiatives. Learn more here with this complete GDPR overview guide.

Our Commitment to Data Protection

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in effect since May 25, 2018, the playing field for companies who process personal data in the European Union and abroad was leveled and the rights of individuals were strengthened. As a company based in the US with a strong European presence, Smaato already complied with the ad tech industry’s standards for data protection while collecting only pseudonymous data that is strictly necessary for the purposes of our business. We will continue to create solutions to help our customers, publishers, and agencies alike to continue their business while providing transparency and control to their users.

In order to support our customers who seek a better understanding of the impact of the GDPR and how to best gather GDPR-compliant consent, we put together several resources below in our GDPR overview.

IAB Registered Vendor

As a registered vendor of the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework, Smaato is supporting transparency and choice for users within the mobile digital advertising ecosystem.

Who Does the GDPR Apply To?

To find out if the GDPR will apply to you, please answer the following questions:

GDPR Overview Resources and Downloads

Smaato’s Guide to GDPR Compliance

Download our GDPR Compliance Overview to gain insight into the factors required for organizations to ensure GDPR compliance.

Download Guide

Additional links:


If you have any questions, please download our GDPR Overview Q&A documents below, reach out to your account manager, or contact us here.

Download GDPR Q&A for Publishers Download GDPR Q&A for Demand Partners

GDPR Consent Page Pop-up and Dialog: Suggestions & Tips

GDPR-compliant publishers gain an advantage over other apps and can bring in new business. Download this guide to develop a process for obtaining informed and unambiguous consent from end-users to process their personal data.

Download Guide

Monetization Tips, Strategies, and News from the World of Digital Advertising

One Year Later: Understanding the Impact of the GDPR

One Year Later: Understanding the Impact of the GDPR

Data Protection Officers Under the GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – FAQ

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – FAQ