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Mobile RTB ExchangeMobile RTB Exchange

Increase your revenues utilizing Smaato's RTB Exchange. With over 170 DSP's connected to our state of the art RTB platform, increase your eCPM globally with more control and transparency.

Global ReachGlobal Reach

Use Smaato´s global platform to access advertising inventory in over 200 countries. Smaato helps mobile publishers monetize their content globally better than anyone in the industry.

Ease of AccessEase of Access

A single SDK and platform to connect with over 100+ Ad Networks and 170+ DSP´s, as well as take control of your direct sold campaigns, cross promotions and other integrated networks.

Rich Media Ad FormatsRich Media Ad Formats

Engage your users with mobile video (Pre, Mid & Post-roll), expandable, interactive and floating mobile ad banners.

Widest Range of SDKsWidest Range of SDKs

Smaato offers you the widest range of mobile advertising SDKs! Download your SDK and make more money with your mobile app!

Customer SuccessCustomer Success

Read more about our success stories and how we helped app developers and publishers to increase their mobile ad revenues by 400%.


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