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The Leading Global Real-Time Advertising Platform for Mobile Publishers & App Developers

Global Reach

Smaato is the world’s largest independent mobile ad exchange, with unprecedented global reach

Extensive Demand

Our extensive network of demand partners provides a massive variety of advertisers with one single integration

Higher Revenue

We offer dynamic, real-time competition for every impression providing higher eCPMs and immediate monetization

SPX Features

The only integrated mobile monetization solution bringing mobile, native and programmatic together on a unified platform

SPX creates a ‘super auction’ where the best available demand source is evaluated for every impression to maximize yield on an impression-by-impression basis.

SPX offers publishers full pricing controls and built-in optimization automation.

Easily create a native ad app or mobile site in a variety of formats from within SPX

Create exclusive and premium deals for native, video, rich media or standard ad units through private exchange or preferred deal buying models

SPX allows publishers to manage 260+ DSPs, 190+ directly integrated ad networks and their own ad network relationships from within a single platform.

Integrate a new or existing account with major SDK-enabled ad networks you're already working with into your SPX demand stack. Mediate them with your existing demand directly in our platform to diversify your demand and generate revenue uplift via increased competition.

SPX allows publishers to quickly monetize their properties through a very simple three-step setup process, all while charging no ad serving or technology fees.

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More than 90,000 publishers and app developers are already using Smaato


Mobile Publishers and App Developers


Demand Partners


Advertisers Globally


of the Top Ad Age Brands

1+ Billion

Monthly Unique Mobile Users

500+ Billion

Monthly Ad Impressions

12 Years

Mobile-First Experience

5 Offices

Americas, EMEA & APAC

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