Mobile-First Free Publisher Ad Server

Featuring First-Ever Dynamic Demand, Smaato’s Native Ad Builder and Private Marketplace

Optimized Revenue

Yields higher eCPMs

Billions of Impressions

Connected to 420+ Demand Partners

Easy Integration

Fast, easy and free

SPX is an enterprise-grade, infinite scale-hosted publisher ad server with a single purpose:

To give publishers full control over monetizing their inventory. It’s the only integrated mobile monetization solution bringing mobile, native, and programmatic together on a unified platform.

(Screenshot: Smaato Exchange)

Integrate with Smaato’s RTB Ad Exchange to access 420+ demand partners in all countries

Let SPX automatically optimize all demand sources with Dynamic Demand™

Monetize your app for optimized revenues with higher eCPMs

It’s easy to set up your SPX account

It only takes a few minutes to register your account, create a new app and define ad spaces, and then your set to start making money!

SPX Publisher Platform Quick Setup

  1. Sign up / Sign in
  2. Watch welcome video
  3. Create new app
    • Add app details
    • Define adspaces
  4. Choose integration option
  5. Check app/site for ads

If you have any questions or need some help with all the features, you can read all about it in our Wiki.

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(Screenshot: SPX Add New App Screen)

SMX: The Smaato RTB Ad Exchange

Sell Premium Inventory through Real-Time Bidding

Smaato Connects all Demand and Supply Sources

Global Supply & Demand Reach in Mobile on a single platform

  • Global Access To Quality Ad Inventory
  • Higher eCPMs & More Transparency
  • Higher Ad Quality & Relevance
  • Find the best ad price in 200 milliseconds

Find out more about RTB

Smaato RTB Ad Exchange



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