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Featuring First-Ever Dynamic Demand

Optimized Revenue

Yields higher eCPMs

Billions of Impressions

Connected to 340+ Demand Partners

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Dynamic Demand is the proprietary Smaato technology enabling per-impression competition from all advertising sources thereby maximizing your revenue. Want more details?

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SMX: Smaato RTB Ad Exchange

Sell Premium Inventory through Real-Time Bidding

Smaato Connects All Demand And Supply Sources

Global Supply & Demand Reach in Mobile on a single platform

  • Global Access To Quality Ad Inventory
  • Higher eCPMs & More Transparency
  • Higher Ad Quality & Relevance
  • Find the best ad price in 200 milliseconds

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Smaato RTB Ad Exchange

Monetize your Mobile App or Website

Maximize your mobile advertising fill rates and eCPMs with the Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX)

Smaato Publisher Platform (SPX)

Integrate with Smaato's Ad Exchange to access 340+ demand partners in all countries

Let SPX automatically optimize all demand sources with Dynamic Demand™

Monetize your app for optimized revenues with higher eCPMs

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